SQ Stitch Change Log

Version Date Changes
1.3 8/5/18 There is now an option for the chart to be in color, with symbols against a background of the stitch's color. Completed stitches can also be shown as stitch previews, with a stitch graphic against a background of the stitch's color. These options work best if you choose one or the other, not both. (If the stitch graphic doesn't display, you may need to clear your browser's cache. Do NOT delete browsing data as this deletes your stitching data.)
The centering arrows now appear on all views that include either the center row and/or column (as in the paper charts). They have also been made easier to see.
Stitch completion statistics now are given to one decimal place.
There is now a mode to mark all seached stitches as stitched. The stitch mode buttons (single stitch, block, page, or searched) are now labeled with icons instead of words.
The grid tab (for setting grid line colors) has been moved under the options tab.
On the picture tab, a problem dragging the viewport to the edge of the picture has been fixed.
A problem with resetting passwords has been fixed.
Other minor cosmetic and bug fixes.
1.2.1 10/23/17 Fixed a bug that kept the app from starting in some versions of Safari.
1.2 8/16/17 There is now a mode for permanently marking (or unmarking) a stitch. This can be used to track parked stitches, planned stitches, errors, or anything you like. The "marked stitch" color takes precedent over "done" and "search" colors. It persists from session to session. There is also an option to have marked stitches automatically unmarked when they are stitched.
There is now a way to change the color of a chart's page boundaries (on the Grid tab).
The key for the last color stitched is now displayed at the top of the chart tab.
If you scroll while a search is active, the highlighting is now maintained.
When restoring pattern data, the backed-up data can be pasted into a text box instead of browsing to a file (the file option is still available).
By default, SQ Stitch assumes you have taken a break if no stitches have been marked done in the last 5 minutes. This can now be set to any value from 1 to 20 minutes. There is also a button to pause the stitch timer whenever you like on the Chart tab. (Timing automatically resumes when you take a stitch.)
The options tab has been reorganized to make it work better on small screens.
Several other cosmetic changes and bug fixes.
1.1.1 7/16/17 The link to reset a forgotten password did not work on touchscreens.
1.1 6/30/17 There is now a periodic reminder to back up your pattern. The default is every 5 days. You can change the interval or disable the reminder (not recommended).
A "multistitch" setting has been added to the options tab. When on, this allows you, after clicking one stitch to mark it done, to mark additional highlighted stitches as done by mousing over them. This feature is not available with touch.
Better error checking on Options settings.
Bug fixes on the Key tab.
1.0.2 4/7/17 If you opened first one, then another pattern in a session, the symbols were not reinitialized.
Cosmetic changes on the Picture and Options tabs.
Fixed an error message that occurred when linking patterns if you had the same pattern (usually the free pattern) under more than one email address.
The links on the "404" page ("page not found") have been corrected.
Made changes to make the login dialog clearer.
1.0.1 3/29/17 Added a check for private or incognito browsing (doesn't work in all environments). Permanent data storage is not allowed in private or incognito mode (it may appear to work but data will be gone in the next session).