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Ehret die Frauen

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Joined: 26 Aug 2008
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8:22 am Sep 05, 2008

Christine - Thanks for all your information on the frame (and checking up with the company!). I am really interested in ordering one, especially now that I have heard how well it is working for you. I don't use a floor stand as I like to take my stitching from room to room, so I am going to have to think about the length of the scrolls. I should order the 36" in order to accommodate these huge SQ pieces, but I just can't imagine maneuvering such a big frame. How did you contact Needle Needs? I have sent them two e-mails asking about estimating shipping costs to the US, but I have not received a response. The dollar to pound conversion is not working in my favor at all, so I really need to make sure I order what I really need and can use

I'm working on My Sweet Rose (Waterhouse). This is my first piece using this many blended stitches, and I was not sure how it was going to go. I really wasn't so sure about the benefits of blended stitching until I got to her eye, and I became a believer!

Thanks again - Lani
Joined: 03 Apr 2008
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5:17 am Sep 07, 2008

Hi Lani

I just ordered the 36'' frame as my SQ piece is in landscape and, if I could work 'on the side' and not use a floor stand then I would opt for a less wide frame as this would not be so heavy. Unfortunately, as I have to twist a road map round to read it, I don't think this option would have worked for me. Try working on My Sweet Rose on the side to see if this works for you before you decide. Also, a bigger frame means more strain on your arm/shoulder if you don't use a floor stand.

When I've contacted Needle Needs in the past I have just called them on the phone and they are very kind and helpful; however, I don't know where in the US you are and thus if the time difference means you'd have to call them in the middle of your night Sad Try it though and I think you'll be nicely surprised. As they usually work postage on the number and type of items you'll be purchasing due to varying weights of the items, it's best to have a little shopping list ready.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes - Christine x Stitching
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