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Scroll Covers

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Joined: 24 May 2004
Posts: 27
Location: Denver
Scroll Covers     Reply with quote  
11:41 am Jul 06, 2004

Has anyone used scroll covers, also called mittens? Since these projects are so large and take so long, I want to protect the work I have completed. Any suggestions?

Cindy Z
Joined: 23 Dec 2008
Posts: 18
Location: Vancouver BC Canada
Re: Scroll Covers     Reply with quote  
12:55 pm Dec 29, 2008

Originally posted by cindyz
Has anyone used scroll covers, also called mittens? Cindy Z

Hi Cindy,
I have seen those on the web are you talking about qsnap huggers? If you use scroll frames the excess is rolled up inside so no worrys. But if you use qsnaps, if you can't get all the excess under the clip, then these would come in really handy. I just sewed one for myself (an experiment) for my 8x8" qsnaps. I prefer scroll rods myself and have never seen any "mittens" for them but it sounds interesting. Do you have a picture? Question
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