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Little red X

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Joined: 10 Oct 2007
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Location: Israel
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9:04 am Mar 19, 2009

Hi, wow, you're living really up North, what is summer for you? Lots of daylight in summer, but what about the winter?
Have one of the SQs Waterlillies, the blue one, which one did you get?
Of course you can do it, as so often is said one x after the other, did you get all the threads and fabric, so you can get started?
Maybe nice to start together, although I do have some other projects laying around Shocked , I stitch what calls me, but hey, it can help to stitch together, what do you think?

You're caretaker of a Bahai centre, we have some beautiful Bahai centres here and the gardens are soooo beautiful
Stitching Fenny.
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