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Cross Stitch Patterns by Scarlet Quince | Retail show -- comments please
Cross Stitch Patterns from Fine Art by Scarlet Quince
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Retail show -- comments please

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Retail show -- comments please     Reply with quote  
2:28 pm Nov 11, 2009

Did you attend the recent online retail needlework show? Hopefully everyone is familiar with the wholesale show that's held twice a year -- well, this was a show where everyone, not just shops, could buy. We didn't get much advance notice of the date so there wasn't time to put an announcement in the newsletter, but I did announce it in Ramblings (my blog).

So: if you heard about it, did you visit the show? If so, what did you like and dislike about it? Right now the organizer is looking for feedback about whether to continue with it and what should change. It probably wouldn't be this same time of year -- July has been suggested. What would be a good way to get word out about it?
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7:47 pm Nov 11, 2009

I flipped through a few of the names I knew, but as I just spent my stash allowance at the other one, I didn't look too hard, because I knew I couldn't get anything.

I like the set-up of these shows - having everything right there where you can page through, go to their sites, etc - it's very convenient (more convenient than looking through an online shop's charts, for instance). The other one is pretty well-advertised in all of my usual places - but I do spend a lot of time in a lot of places online. Cool

When this retail show started to pop up, some of us weren't really sure it was legit - with all the spammers out there these days, just because it "looks" like something, doesn't mean it is. It was posted in one of Yahoo groups a week or two before we saw anything from a shop or designer - so when you guys started mentioning it, then we knew it was a real thing Smile

If it hadn't come right after the other one, I personally would have spent a lot more time looking - but with the fall Market and all of those releases, then the Online show, I was kind of in overload. Now, if they were to have 2 of each, one each quarter, I think that would be a decent interval - so long as they don't coincide with the markets, of course.

Since I don't currently have a LNS, I have to shop from online sources, regardless if the show is wholesale or retail. BUT, I have a LNS opening near me on January 4th (I can't wait!!!); I will be transferring some of my business to her, of course, but there are enough of us out there without one, that these online resources are a godsend.

I can't say anything about the actual shopping aspect, since I didn't do any this time. I do know it wasn't real intuitive as to how to go about it, not from the casual browser's perspective, anyway. Maybe if people were in there for some serious stashing, it was more obvious? I know there was some verbiage about creating an account with the show, so you didn't have to add payment information multiple times, or something ot that effect - again, I wasn't really shopping, so didn't take the time to read it closely.

The only thing that I see between the two kinds is with the retail show, you have to pay multiple shipping charges as you order from various places (if you don't order from a shop); with the wholesale one, I send my list to one place, and have one shipping charge - and shipping charges these days can make or break some sales, in my experience....

I say advertise it the same way the other one is - I hear about it from all kinds of places, though primarily from participants. It depends on how many designers & shops will take part in both and how big their audience is, vs. the not as well known designers selling on their own - but once the word is out, it'll grow Smile
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8:18 pm Nov 15, 2009

I visited it. I started at A, got bored by the time I got to C. I randomly clicked on assorted vendors the next day, but not too many because even that was boring. Too many vendors had too much of the same thing.

It wasn't like the designer show when each designer showcases their designs. Too many shops offered too much of the same thing as other shops. If there were any shops with different things, I didn't find them because I just ran out of patience clicking through the same offerings shop after shop. Shocked
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