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Chart Uses

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Joined: 17 Apr 2009
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Location: Nebraska
Chart Uses     Reply with quote  
3:29 pm Apr 17, 2009

I just purchased my first SQ charts, Mucha Primrose and Mucha Feather. I am really excited to get started. Too bad I have to wait on the USPS. lol I have a question about the charts. There is a Floss Color to Symbol cross-reference. What is the best use of this information? I have never been fortunate enough to get this information with any charts I have done to date and would like to know if you use them and if so how it works.
Joined: 27 Aug 2006
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Re: Chart Uses     Reply with quote  
6:52 pm Apr 17, 2009

Hi Donnie and congratulations on your purchases! You'll see they'll arrive in no time, so you can get started prepping your fabric, etc! The cross reference is really handy for prepping your blends or prethreading your needles- if you're working in sections you can see which colours will be used in all the symbols in that area so you can have those ones handy and put the rest away for the time being. I also like it because it gives me more of an idea which colours are more prevalent in the pattern as a whole. That said, you don't HAVE to use the cross reference if you find it distracting, just go with the normal symbol to floss guide.

Happy stitching! Stitching
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