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Joined: 31 Oct 2009
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Location: Cork, Ireland
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1:14 pm Nov 18, 2009

Originally posted by kmcecelia
Oh, I'm sooo jealous! My family (my dad's side) is from County Wicklow. I think I still have some half-cousins thirteen times removed or something over there somewhere (my aunt found some a few years ago) Smile I went to Ireland on a trip after graduation from college, and have never seen a more beautiful country. Sigh.

Starting "The Kiss" tonight--gave up completely on homework for the evening Smile

Kathleen're so right, and the economy wherever you go is appalling, so you might as well be somewhere aesthetically appealing, huh? Laughing
I like the Klimts, he was so adventurous...a born designer....look on your stitching beginnings as therapeutic homework, designed to put you in a relaxed frame of mind for your studies afterwards Evil or Very Mad You need to have a relaxing activity(never mind my creating a paradox)...something completely different from any study works for me now, and in the past, when studying like crazy during my student nurse days.
Wicklow has some splendid hill and mountain landscape, as has Galway, which has Connemara and all that area. Cork is pretty attractive too, but I really like the Kingdom(of Kerry)'s the biz, and very inspiring. Just listen to me!! Maybe the Irish Tourist Board should give me a contract to advertise the State Laughing

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