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Here are all the pictures of Take the Fair Face of Woman - Sophie Gengembre Anderson as stitched by Vibeke Olasen. Click any picture for a closer look.
Take the Fair Face of Woman - Sophie Gengembre Anderson AND001 pattern info
Vibeke Olasen
22-count white aida
“I’m doing this one in 22 count, and the measures when finished will be approx. 22,5 cm x 27,5 cm [about 11" x 14"] (I know this because I always start with marking the outline with an over 10 / under 10 thread. That way I can make sure that the fabric is the right size, and I can see how much more I have to fill in as I go). Initially 22 count seemed impossibly small after working on 18 count, but that was soon forgotten. The real challenge is not the actual stitching, but fastening the threads on the reverse side. In the multicoloured areas it almost feels like a carpet when finished! The actual image becomes fantastically clear with the smaller stitches, and is well worth the extra effort. I will definitely do more of my projects in 22 count!”
“Here is an update on my progress so far. She is coming along fine. Some parts, like the purse, almost seem three-dimensional. It is less than 10,000 stitches till completion :) I find it a bit harder to get an even surface on 22 count than on 18 count, but I’m sure that will sort itself out when it is framed.”
October 16, 2009 “Here is a photo of the finished picture. This is the first I’ve done on 22 count, and there is quite a lot of confetti stitching involved in this pattern. I discovered during the work on this one that it was easier to complete each cross as you went, rather than doing the one leg first and the next going back. The reason for this is that on 22 count the floss coverage is so good that you might miss filling inn the second half, and also that it gives less "lumps" as even the areas with less colour changes get the same thickness as the confetti areas. I’m now well under way with my 4th SQ; La belle Dame Sans Merci (detail), also on 22 count. A photo of this one will follow shortly.”
December 14, 2009 “Here is a picture of The Fair face of Woman with its finished frame. I love the leafy frame, but I am less happy with the matting. The colour of the mat sort of drowns both the frame and the picture, don’t you think?”

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