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Here are all the pictures of Brown Pelican - John James Audubon as stitched by Kate Tanner. Click any picture for a closer look.
Brown Pelican - John James Audubon AUD006 pattern info
Kate Tanner
32-count white Belfast linen
“Thought you might like to see how the Pelican is progressing. Started him in August and have finished the top row of pages on 1st Oct. Very time consuming as a lot of thread changes, and also working on this on Belfast Linen. Really enjoying doing it though, very addictive, and if I don’t get a little done each day I think I get withdrawal symptoms!

I have found the easiest way of doing the leaves that do not adjoin the main part of the design, is to do down to as far as a bit of the leaves that go upwards, then, I know this sounds mad, but to turn the work upside down, and the chart upside down as well, find a symbol/symbols that go to the top and do those, then turn it all round again and you have something to work to.”
“To keep the work clean I have made little cases to go over each roller top & bottom which I leave on whilst working to protect the finished work, then its an easy matter to pull them down at the end of stitching for the day.”
“Attached is further picture of the Pelican, the white on white a little difficult to see but doing very small areas at a time seems to work. With the amount of colour changes 32 count Belfast linen is easier to work with.”
“At long last an update on the Pelican. I have had to take it off the rollers to photograph it, seems ages since I saw the whole project and can’t wait to get it finished. Nearly a years work but very enjoyable.”
June 7, 2009 “Here is finished Pelican, really pleased with the end result, Belfast Linen was a little harder to work with, but feel the finished product was well worth the effort.”

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