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Here are all the pictures of God Speed - Edmund Blair-Leighton as stitched by Denise DeBenedetto, Fresno, California. Click any picture for a closer look.
God Speed - Edmund Blair-Leighton BLA003 pattern info
Denise DeBenedetto, Fresno, California
22-count white aida
“I used 22 count Aida fabric, white. This means the stitches are impossibly small, but unfortunately that was the only fabric the store had large enough to let me complete the entire project. In the future I hope to use 18 count, which should will make it a bit easier to stitch. Unfortunately I realized the folly of how I started out on this pattern (mostly working from center and doing page by page) so that now when the light hits it just right a small shadow line can be seen where one page ends and another begins. This was because I had never attempted such a large and complex piece before. But I have learned from my mistakes and after reading a lot of tips on your web site, I now have a better method to complete the pattern.”
“Here is an updated progress on the 'God Speed' cross stitch I've been doing. Unfortunately it's been slow going as I haven't had the time to work on it for the past four months. But recently I have been able to start up on it again... 7 pages down! Once again, sorry for the poor quality, the photo doesn't do it justice.”
“...I get a bit excited after completing a page...”
“Still working on godspeed, going slow since for months at a time I’m unable to work on it. But nonetheless it’s slowly being completed, here is updated picture.”
March 19, 2009 “Slowly but surely the picture is coming along on Godspeed. This middle row has been the most exciting to stitch by far.”

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