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Here are all the pictures of Blue Peacock - Jesse Arms Botke as stitched by Meredith, Texas. Click any picture for a closer look.
Blue Peacock - Jesse Arms Botke BOT003 pattern info
Meredith, Texas
22-count aida
June 2, 2011 “This is 60 stitches deep and it has taken 1 year and 3 months so far. However, it is going much faster since I put in the multi-colored grid. I am also stitching 10 rows at a time now and when I finish the 10 rows on one page, I go across to the next page (carrying over the boundary when possible). That way, I don't suddenly get tired of stitching one area. In this last row I finally got into some blue on the peacock which felt like a milestone. It's actually 12% complete although it doesn't look like it. I used 22-count fabric to keep the size down a little but it's harder to stitch on than 18-count and it's a little delicate. I've broken a couple of threads and am having to be much more careful about where I poke the needle now. But it's beautiful so far!”
March 10, 2012 “Just finished the first row of pages. It has taken two years and two weeks to get to this point, partly because I don't have much time to stitch and partly because it wasn't fully gridded at first (which makes it go much faster). This is 19% complete. It really is beautiful and fun seeing the "eyes" emerge.”
October 19, 2012 “I've just finished the next 20 rows (all the way across). It took 3.5 months to do this much and I am now 26% of the way through. A lot of this is very complex but it's beautiful. Parking lots of needles, memorizing what the more distinctive blends look like and the first number of as many blends as possible, leaving threaded needles in a needle book, and the colored gridding are all making it go faster than at first.”
January 20, 2013 “20 more rows and it took exactly 3 months. 30% done. The fine feathers on the left are obviously complex but surprisingly, so is the brown and white on section on the wing.”
July 1, 2013 “Another 20 rows! This has been a complicated section.”
November 25, 2015 “I realized I haven't updated this in a long time. When I finish this corner, I'll be 3/5 of the way done, with 200 more rows to go.”
July 13, 2019 “I finished this on July 8, 2018, and just realized I never posted a picture.”
July 13, 2019 “Closeup of the bird.”
July 13, 2019 “Closeup of some of the fine feathers. This is why it took 9 years.”
July 13, 2019 “Finally framed! I started this in February of 2010 and finished in July, 2018. My husband wanted me to stitch it for his office, and I said sure, if you haven't retired by the time I finish it (but he had). Using SQ Stitch made the last part go a lot faster.”

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