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Here are all the pictures of Bird of God - Joanna Boyce as stitched by Emma (emmadragon), Huncote, UK. Click any picture for a closer look.
Bird of God - Joanna Boyce BOY001 pattern info
Emma (emmadragon), Huncote, UK
14-count aida
December 10, 2009 “This is my 'Bird of God' worked on 14 ct aida with 2 strands of thread. I know the count's bigger than recommended, but it was a piece I had to hand, and I was desperate to start work before I went on holiday. So far she's had an extensive tour of Tuscany, being worked on various Italian train trips from Florence, and she's also had a trip to Birmingham, England. What you see here is approximately 9 days work. I must say, so far, it has been an absolute pleasure. The colour blends have looked a little odd as I've been working them, but the effect is great.”
December 18, 2009 “Another update - a further week's stitching has got this far. She's coming together nicely, and I aim to have this page finished in another week.”
December 31, 2009 “Well, this is the last picture for a little while. I'll be putting the Bird away for two months to work on Circe and The Last Judgement. I do think she is going really well, and as you can see I am well on the way through the second page. Hopefully she'll only take another month and a bit, and then I can start another one!”
June 22, 2011 “An update on Bird of God – I’ve been neglecting her shamefully, but thought it was probably time I sent another update. I might have her finished by the end of August. She’s my next project to finish after the Chatelaine I’m presently working on.”
December 24, 2011 “Here is a picture of Bird of God, completed and framed. I finally completed her last weekend, a little later than planned. She looks lovely, but definitely better from a distance, there's a much better effect that way, probably because she's on 14 count aida.”

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