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Here are all the pictures of Vanitas Still Life - Pieter Claesz as stitched by Allyn, Mississippi Gulf Coast. Click any picture for a closer look.
Vanitas Still Life - Pieter Claesz CLA002 pattern info
Allyn, Mississippi Gulf Coast
18-count aida
September 12, 2015 “It took me 19 months working on this as my only WiP to finish it. My husband loves it.”
Vibeke Olason
22-count white aida
January 13, 2011 “I always enjoy seeing new patterns appear in the gallery, so you can see what the actual stitched work will look like. Here is my contribution to the list; Vanitas Still Life, stitched on 22 count white Aida. I have completed ca. 2/3 of the pattern by now, and hope to finish it around Easter time.

This is my 5. SQ pattern, and by now my technique has improved somewhat, so I find it easier to get an even surface and avoid the dreaded lumps, even in the confetti areas. I stitch without using frame or hoop; it’s just floss, fabric, needle and scissors in my kit. Not even a marker penJ. I grid the outline of each page in 10s, and find my place by counting. I do one page at the time, but allow the stitches to flow over to the next page if there is more of the same symbol near the page break.

I also enjoy working on 22 count rather than 18 count. I find that the more compact stitching makes the finished result very nice and firm, and the motive wonderfully clear.”
June 6, 2011 “Here is Vanitas completed and ready for framing. It has taken the better part of 14 months to finish, work and redecorating at home has stolen some precious stitching time. The first few stitches has already been put in on the next project; The Accolade. (By popular demand from the general household). I will continue to work on 22 count, I find that the floss coverage is better than on 18 count, and the details show up very well.”
October 14, 2013 “Vanitas after framing. This pattern is a big hit among the younger members of the family. It is difficult to get a good photo using flash once the glass are in, so the photo does not really do it justice. It is really stunning in its black and gold frame.”

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