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Here are all the pictures of Garden of Delight - John Henry Dearle as stitched by Sally Allen. Click any picture for a closer look.
Garden of Delight - John Henry Dearle DEA002 pattern info
Sally Allen
August 28, 2021 “Garden of Delight, row 2 complete! I'm a sloooooow stitcher but am loving the journey.”
Jean Cowling
November 19, 2020 “Well it’s coming on slowly! Maybe finish by next Spring. And after that I've got the Walter Crane Masques to start.”
March 9, 2021 “You know that wonderful feeling when you've finally finished, and have already got the next pattern out?. This is the completed John Henry Dearle work, with Walter Crane piece next in the queue. Only this time I'll make sure I triple measure the Aida as it was a very close call on the Dearle - about 1cm to spare top and bottom!”

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