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Here are all the pictures of Miranda - Sir Frank Dicksee as stitched by Vibeke Olason. Click any picture for a closer look.
Miranda - Sir Frank Dicksee DIC002 pattern info
Vibeke Olason
18-count ecru aida
“After seeing the finished picture of “Bird of God” my daughter asked me if I would make her a picture too. Her favourite was Miranda, and here is a photo of my progress so far.”
“Here is an update on my progress on "Miranda". Now that the summer is winding down here in Norway, it is easier to find stitching time. She is coming on fine, and I'm looking forward to se how her pearl necklace will turn out. By the way, the little white specs in the darker areas are just reflections from the floss and not the fabric showing. The floss coverage is excellent.”
“Here is Miranda in all her glory. I started on this pattern around Easter, and here she is finished just in time for Xmas. The pleats and folds in her garb were fun to stitch, the effect is almost three-dimensional. She has been sent off for a frame fitting, and I’m trying to decide which pattern to choose for my third SQ project.”
“I also include a picture of my two completed SQ projects together. They will not stay together for long though, Miranda is going with my daughter, who is in the process of setting up her first flat.”
“Here is Miranda in her new frame. I find that the scrolls in the frame go well with the curls in her hair. We decided to leave out the matting on this one, to make it look more like a real painting. (Actually, the matting is hidden under the frame to prevent the glass pane to rest directly on the image. Why that has to be I'm not sure, but they were very insistent in the shop)”

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