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Here are all the pictures of All is Vanity - Charles Allan Gilbert as stitched by Chelsea U., Birmingham, Alabama. Click any picture for a closer look.
All is Vanity - Charles Allan Gilbert GIL001 pattern info
Chelsea U., Birmingham, Alabama
18-count natural colored aida
“This is a project of firsts for me: first Scarlet Quince (but won't be my last!), first time used blended colors, first time using 18-ct., first time trying multiple needles or parking thread, first time using more than 5 colors, first black and white pattern, first black-and-white finished piece, etc. But I'm enjoying every stitch! I get frustrated with all the subtle shades of black and gray, but when I finish a section and I stand back and look at the over-all picture, it's simply fantastic. You guys did a great job with this pattern, I am highly impressed.

What you see is 4 and a half pages of pattern (large print) and a solid three months of steady stitching. The dark stripe in the middle of the mirror is simply dirty thread (I kept the white thread on the pattern page where I was coloring in pencil each stitch I had completed, and apparently, that piece of thread got graphite on it. It'll wash.)”
“Just sending you guys the newest image of All is Vanity. She’s very pretty, and the subtle shading is simply amazing!”
December 1, 2010 “I haven't picked up this beauty in over a year, but I plan to make her my focus starting January. As I was getting all her pieces together, I thought I'd send you an update. I still love her as much as the day I purchased her pattern and I can't wait to get back to stitching her!”

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