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Here are all the pictures of Heliodore's Woodstar and a Pink Orchid - Martin Johnson Heade as stitched by Kate Brown. Click any picture for a closer look.
Heliodore's Woodstar and a Pink Orchid - Martin Johnson Heade HEA003 pattern info
Kate Brown
February 26, 2020 “Here is the start of Heliodores woodstar and a pink orchid. Started in the middle, was intending on doing the top right but somehow went with the flow and ended up doing the bottom right. The app has made a massive difference to how I stitch, it feels much more organic, I certainly won’t be getting any lines showing in the work.”
March 23, 2020 “Think I've actually got some energy this evening to pick up my sewing again, despite a 5am start, full day of work on the laptop with baby and toddler in the house! I'll probably get two stitches done and start snoring on the sofa.”
April 26, 2020 “24% done, just 53,163 stitches to go :)”
September 6, 2020 “I've had a break from this since April, really back into it now, 25.5% done, starting to see the detail of the depth of the picture now.”
October 2, 2020 “Progress update, now at 30.9% done, the orchid is starting to emerge :)”
December 31, 2020 “I've moved onto the top right to concentrate on the boring bit, leaving the orchid til last. Currently at 35.8% complete.”
March 27, 2021 “50% done, only another 34,960 stitches to go. Majority of the boring bits done, hopefully it'll start looking more interesting soon.”
July 4, 2021 “60% complete, getting into the more interesting part now that the orchid is starting to emerge.”
July 25, 2021 “First orchid petal done, about 64% of the way in.”
October 24, 2021 “75% done”

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