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Here are all the pictures of Tea - G. D. Leslie as stitched by Connie Warner, Richmond, Virginia. Click any picture for a closer look.
Tea - G. D. Leslie LES005 pattern info
Connie Warner, Richmond, Virginia
18-count aida
“I’m really enjoying the pattern 'Tea' G. D. Leslie. It’s fun to watch parts of the picture suddenly emerge out of all the little multi-colored stitches! I also really like the richness of the maroon and all of the other details! I have finished two pages so far starting on the bottom left. I seem to go about a page and a half a month.”
“Here is the latest. I’ve been doing lots of background stitching! I like how the paneling is starting to appear. It looks like it’s right out of Williamsburg!”
“Here is my project after 4 months. People still can't tell what it is, but at least they do spot the tea cup!”
October 3, 2009 “Here's the latest. Summer has been very busy, but I got alot of stitching done while I was on vacation! This picture is getting huge! I'll be starting on her face very soon.”
December 13, 2012 “I took three years off to build a house & horse farm. But I'm back on it now! I can't wait to finish and see it on the wall!”

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