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Here are all the pictures of The Quarry - Julian Onderdonk as stitched by Christy Stanford. Click any picture for a closer look.
The Quarry - Julian Onderdonk OND001 pattern info
Christy Stanford
January 1, 2020 “I'm working on The Quarry again after putting it in timeout for five years. So. Much. Confetti. I've completed six other SQ patterns and this one is the most difficult one I've ever attempted due to the confetti--it makes it go SO SLOWLY! 31.78% done.”
February 29, 2020
February 29, 2020 “Working on Julian Onderdonk’s The Quarry. This is 11 months of work (spread out over probably 8ish years) and I’m 34.9% done.”
April 30, 2020 “Progress report on Julian Onderdonk's The Quarry. I have 51,135 stitches done out of 130,968, so I'm 39.04% done!”
June 30, 2020
June 30, 2020 “43% done on The Quarry.”
December 9, 2020 “48% done on The Quarry, which means I beat my goal to get to 40% this year. Gotta hurry up so I can start on the new patterns I just bought.”
December 31, 2020 “I have officially reached 51% done on this!!!!!”
February 1, 2021 “Progress on The Quarry! 74,513 stitches/56.85% done. 7,039 stitches done in January, which is really good for me on this piece—the confetti makes it go a lot slower. I'm pretty excited with my progress!”
March 1, 2021 “Here's my progress on The Quarry. After 15 months of work (spread out over 8ish years), I'm just a smidge over 60% done. I love working with all the electric blues and purples, but I do usually call this The Quarry Confetti Curse!”
April 1, 2021 “I didn't make a lot of progress in March, but I did finish another page! 62% done.”
May 2, 2021 “Slow progress on The Quarry, but better than nothing. 64% done now.”
June 1, 2021 “About 3,700 more stitches done on The Quarry in May and I'm now over 2/3 done. At this rate it will take me one more year to finish.”
June 28, 2021 “Not quite 70% done on The Quarry. I have to finish this before I can start any more projects.”
July 23, 2021 “Update on The Quarry: I finished another page! 73% done. It's been very slow at work lately so I've gotten to stitch quite a bit and get paid to do it!”
October 1, 2021 “I passed 100,000 stitches done on The Quarry! I'm at 79% done and starting to think I might actually get it done in the next 6-8 months!”
December 1, 2021 “I made a lot more progress in November than I expected to, so I'm now at 86.5%.”

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