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Here are all the pictures of Anemones and Lilacs in a Blue Vase - Odilon Redon as stitched by Hallie Wake, Pleasanton, California. Click any picture for a closer look.
Anemones and Lilacs in a Blue Vase - Odilon Redon RED005 pattern info
Hallie Wake, Pleasanton, California
18-count aida
July 19, 2009 “Attached is a photo of "Anemones and Lilacs in a Blue Vase" by Odilon Redon in progress. I've been working on it for an average of about five hours a day for almost four months and I expect to finish it in 3-4 weeks. It is stitched on 18-count Aida. I use a single dowel to hold the left side while I stitch from the right and it seems to be working alright. My plan is to make it into a pillow, so I will send a photo of that when it's done. Thank you SQ, for your fabulous website! I can't wait to stitch another one!”
February 21, 2010 “I made Anemones and Lilacs in a Blue Vase by Odilon Redon into a pillow, using 18 count Aida. I used the sewing method and it took me about four months of stitching about 4-5 hours a day. (The "sewing method" is when you make the needle go down and back up in one motion so that your sewing hand stays on top of the fabric; and the "stabbing method" (not the most pleasant name!) is when you push the needle to the back, bring your hand around to the back to pull it through, then push the needle up to the front again in a separate motion. I have always used the sewing method whenever possible, i.e. when there are several stitches of the same color close together. It's twice as fast when I can keep my hand on top and go down and up in one stitch. But I guess you can't do that when you have your work on a frame since you need to bend the fabric enough to get the needle through. I was worried that not using a frame would mean the final product would come out lumpy but it doesn't, especially when it is put into a decorative frame at the end. I hold a single dowel in my left hand with the left edge of the Aida fabric wrapped around it while I sew with my right hand from right to left.)”

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