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Here are all the pictures of Heron in the Snow - Ohara Shoson as stitched by Kathy Sebesta, Winchester, Kentucky. Click any picture for a closer look.
Heron in the Snow - Ohara Shoson SHO001 pattern info
Kathy Sebesta, Winchester, Kentucky
32-count black Belfast linen over 2
February 20, 2011 “Thought you might like to see her, now close to half done. She's to be a wedding present in November and I think she's absolutely gorgeous. I have to say that your color blending, while it seemed unnecessary and pretentious before I started, now appears brilliant. Wonderful charting! Thank you so much.”
March 7, 2011 “Enclosed is the most recent photo - finally, some visible progress. I offered my daughter (a closet cross-stitch klepto - she's "borrowed" about 10 pieces already) the choice of any of my favorite designers, so of course she went to a new site and found the heron. She couldn't decide, so while she was agonizing I ordered it to do for myself. Now she wants it. Rats!”
April 20, 2011 “Here's the latest picture. Heron is finally beginning to show! A lot of what I did this time is filling in the little bits and bobs that're everywhere on the fabric, which is very time-consuming and doesn't show up very well.”
May 19, 2011 “Herewith the last in-progress picture: next time you see him, he will be done. Believe it or not, just about ten lines over the top of what you see, his beak will come in and he will show in his glory. I wish the pictures could do him justice - the subtlety of the creams and browns can't be appreciated without him in front of you. I have to confess, as I sew I often can't even see the difference between one blend and another, and yet when I look at the whole piece I can clearly see where they work together beautifully. Scarlet Quince has done a magnificent job in charting.”
June 28, 2011
June 28, 2011
June 28, 2011 “He's finally done! He goes to the framer on Thursday; will send a final picture when she's done with him.”
November 8, 2011 “Here's the final. My daughter got it at her wedding last weekend and everyone was stunned. I always frame behind non-glare glass - I find that that glass blurs the stitches just the tiniest bit so that the cross-stitch looks like a painting or a photo. Not one person there realized it was sewn. And of course the framing made it extra-spectacular. Anyway, thanx for making the pattern available, and for allowing me to make such a special gift.”

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