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Here are all the pictures of Lady with Unicorn: Sense of Hearing (smaller) as stitched by Karen R., Flowery Branch, Georgia. Click any picture for a closer look.
Lady with Unicorn: Sense of Hearing (smaller) UNK011a-S pattern info
Karen R., Flowery Branch, Georgia
22-count aida (hardanger) with 2 strands of floss
“I have this stretched on a scroll frame and a floor stand. This is the first time I have gridded a project, and also the first time I have used the parking method, as seen by the strands hanging down on the unfinished section - both are working well for me so far! This is my progress after approximately 5 hours, with 207 stitches completed.”
August 30, 2009 “I just passed the 3-year mark on Sense of Hearing (smaller), though since I work in rotation, in those three years, it's only been worked on about 11 weeks a year. Well, I finally finished the top row of pages!!! I took a picture, and scrolled it up, ready to attack the next row of pages next month! Since I didn't stop at the page edges, I can only guess how many stitches I have - probably around 28,000. I think the next row will go quicker - I lost some time during the first year & a half, trying to make parking work for me; then I gave up and went back to my usual method of following the thread until either the thread or the symbol runs out - and got considerably quicker doing that.”
March 24, 2020 “Well, I just gotta say, the SQ stitching app is pretty brilliant - if you aren’t using it yet, especially on a high confetti piece, I highly recommend it. I have actually been stitching on my Lady & Unicorn, rather than spending the majority of my time staring at the chart! I think I've made more progress in the last 11 days than I did the last couple of times I had it out combined! I am working pages 8 & 9 together. The orange thread in the grid is the page markings.”

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