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January 2009

Hello stitching friends,

We're very late with the newsletter this month. Our apologies, and many thanks to everyone who emailed asking about it. It's nice to know we're missed!

Postal Rate Increase Effective Soon

The US Postal Service is raising rates for Priority and Express shipping effective January 18. Priority Mail, which currently starts at $4.80, will now begin at $4.95, and Express Mail, which currently starts at $12.60, is going up to $13.05. (Both Priority and Express Mail rates are zoned -- this means that they cost more the farther the package has to go.) First-Class Mail rates will not change (but will be adjusted in May). The new rates will automatically be effective in our shopping cart and checkout process.

If you prefer to use the printed order form, we will have an updated form shortly after the new rates go into effect. (By the way, the rates on the printed order form are of necessity approximate -- you are always welcome to get the exact postage from the shopping cart to include with your mail-in order. Just be sure to fill in your zip code and/or country and click Recalculate.)

Looking for Something?

We get a lot of email asking "Do you have this or that pattern?" or "Where can I find such-and-such information?". We're always happy to answer your questions, plus it helps us improve the site if we know when we're missing something, or it's hard to find. But did you know that our Search actually works pretty well? If you don't want to wait for an answer, try that little search box at the upper left of each page. Just type in your keywords, which can include pattern codes, and click Go. We'll show you the best matches first, followed by pages that match only some of your keywords. If a matched page is a pattern, we'll show you a picture of it.

You can use % as a wildcard character. For example, a search on cat only matches pages with the word cat. But a search on cat% matches cat, cats, cathedral, etc. (OK, you probably weren't hoping to find cathedral in this case ... computers!)

The site search results include content from the forums. If you want to search ONLY the forums, go there -- they have their own search (look in the small buttons on the left).

Well, having said all this -- there are no doubt some quirks -- if you think something isn't working right, please let us know.

New patterns! Clink any picture for a closer look.
The Accolade (without background) - Edmund Blair-Leighton
The Domes of the Yosemite - Albert Bierstadt
Kissing the Face of God - Morgan Weistling

The Accolade (without background)
Edmund Blair-Leighton

The Domes of the Yosemite
Albert Bierstadt

Kissing the Face of God
Morgan Weistling

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