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February 2009

Hello stitching friends,

We have two pattern awards this time! Liz Green from New Zealand suggested "Kissing the Face of God - Morgan Weistling" (introduced last month). And Bernadette Pollone from Massachusetts suggested "Daybreak - Maxfield Parrish" (shown right). Thank you both, ladies, for your wonderful suggestions!

Visual Aids in the Shopping Cart

We've just completed an update to our shopping cart. It now includes small images of the items in your cart (large enough so that you can tell one from another, but not so big that they blot out the sky). For floss labels, we display a combination of the art and a label icon. floss label icon We hope this will help make it absolutely clear what you have in your cart (sometimes people's fingers seem to get to flying just a little too fast!). If you don't like seeing the pictures, you can turn them off (there's a Hide images button on the left side of the cart page) and they will stay off until you turn them back on.

We also hear quite often from people who meant to order floss labels with their pattern but forgot. To help with that situation, if you have a pattern but not the corresponding labels in your cart, we've added a button to the cart so that you can easily add the labels. Of course, floss labels are optional, so if you don't want them, just ignore that button!

We hope you'll find these changes helpful. Please let us know what you think.

New Licensed Art Coming!

We've just licensed some art by four 20th century artists! They are Grant Wood, noted for his paintings of small-town and rural life in Iowa, Thomas Hart Benton, more rural (especially Southern) themes, Gerald Murphy, who left just a few brilliantly precise and detailed still lifes of every-day objects, and Maxfield Parrish, noted for his landscapes with intensely luminous skies. (Parrish's Daybreak, new this month, is in the public domain; we've licensed some of his later works.) We hope you'll be as excited about this art and the upcoming patterns are we are!

New patterns! Clink any picture for a closer look.

The Hay Wain - John Constable
The Hay Wain
John Constable
Pallas Athena - Gustav Klimt
Pallas Athena
Gustav Klimt
Daybreak - Maxfield Parrish
Maxfield Parrish
A Grey Stallion in a Landscape - George Stubbs
A Grey Stallion in a Landscape
George Stubbs

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