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Scarlet Quince News
January 2007

Hello stitching friends,

Happy New Year, everybody! We have new pictures in the gallery! Be sure to check the new examples of The Accolade, Stitching the Standard, and Christmas Rose!

Wish Lists are Here!

We've added wish lists to the site! Here's how it works: when you see a pattern you like, you can now add it to your wish list (the button is just below "add to cart"). Be sure to select "large print" first if you want to put a large print version of a pattern into your wish list. If your eyes are bigger than your pocketbook, add all the patterns you're considering to your wish list and narrow your selection down later. Or you can just use it as a quick way to visit your favorite pictures. When you decide to buy a pattern in your wish list, you can move it to your shopping cart. Or you can email your wish list to a friend and include a note (maybe hint hint)! Patterns stay in your wish list until you remove them - there's no time limit.

Like the shopping cart, the wish list sets a "cookie". (This is a chunk of information we set on your computer -- no one can see it but you and us.) If you have disabled cookies, you won't be able to create a wish list, and if you delete your cookies, your wish list will disappear. The cookie is stored on your local computer, so keep in mind that if you create a wish list at work you won't be able to see it at home (just as you have two separate sets of favorites or bookmarks). Wish lists are available to everyone -- you don't have to be a member to have a wish list.

A Word to the Wise

One of the great things about having done a lot of cross stitch is that you probably have a lot of extra and left-over floss in your stash. What isn't so great, though, is buying more floss partway through a project and discovering that the new floss doesn't match the old. Unfortunately, this happens! Why? Sometimes dye formulations change, or perhaps the old floss has faded. The older that old floss is, the likelier it is that you will have a problem with it.

The solution: make sure you have enough floss before you start. (And remember that no pattern can tell you exactly how much floss you'll need -- it depends on your personal stitching style.) You can use a combination of old and new floss, but check that the new floss matches the old before you start stitching. If it doesn't, save the old floss for another time.

New patterns! Clink any picture for a closer look.
Tea - G. D. Leslie
G. D. Leslie
Winter in the Country: Sleighing on Sunday - George Henry Durrie

Winter in the Country:
Sleighing on Sunday
George Henry Durrie
The Beeches - Asher Brown Durand
The Beeches
Asher Brown Durand
Tristan and Isolde - John William Waterhouse
Tristan and Isolde
John william Waterhouse

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