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January 2012

Hello stitching friends,

We wish you a happy and successful 2012!

Music Stand for Stitching Accessories

This is another wonderful tip sent to us by a reader! She tells us that she uses a music stand to hold her pattern and other accessories.

music stand
Folding music stands usually have wire arms that rotate up and down which you can use to secure your pattern. We've attached the pattern key with magnets. Scissors are hung from a cross-arm, and the marker rests on the ledge. The stand can sit right next to your work for easy reference. This type of stand is available for around $15 (we got ours on Craig's List for $8).

There are also more substantial stands with solid backs and wider ledges (some with two ledges, making a sort of pocket under the upper ledge). They are more expensive, around $40-$60. If you use this type of stand, you can get a magnet with a hook attached to hang your scissors so you don't knock them off the ledge. (Hook magnets are easily found in kitchenware stores -- they're good for hanging potholders.)

There are also table-top stands, without the tripod, if that works better for you. If you don't have a music store nearby, a good online store is Elderly Instruments.

If you have tips of your own that you'd like to share, please email us!

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