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Cross Stitch Patterns from Fine Art by Scarlet Quince

Scarlet Quince News
February 2012

Hello stitching friends,

Five Scarlet Quince patterns were featured in the Spring 2012 Herrschners catalog (crafts and needlework)! They have really been keeping us hopping, which is a good thing!

Maybe that's why we got a little behind on adding pictures to the gallery, but we have just added a bunch! If you haven't visited it lately, now is a good time -- there are some beautiful things there!

Suggestions and Pattern Awards

We have a pattern award this month! Lucy Quesada Abeijón, of Galicia, Spain, was the first to suggest St. Cecilia - John William Waterhouse and she has received a copy of the pattern to thank her for her suggestion. The detail of the two angels was also a suggestion, but alas, the email for the person who suggested that is out of date.

If you'd like to suggest a picture, please do! We love getting suggestions of art to use for patterns! It's our aim to have patterns that are appealing and meaningful to the widest possible audience. Often people tell us what they like about a painting or what it means to them and that's wonderful.

A few reminders, though: if you want to make a suggestion, please check the title and artist and make sure you have them right. We really do have to have both, unless it's cave art or something. We verify them so it saves us time if they are correct. If you possibly can, send a picture of the art, either attached to your email, or a direct link to an image. Don't say "you can find it at".

We also ask that you limit yourself to a few suggestions at a time, things you truly care about. Winning something is always appealing, especially in hard times, but recently we have had several people submit large numbers of suggestions to increase their chances of winning a pattern, any pattern. That's not what the suggestions system is for. We are a small company and the more time we spend trying to figure out what the real title of a painting is, searching for images, and slogging through dozens of suggestions, the less time we have to create patterns. Please help us out! Thank you for understanding.

New patterns! Clink any picture for a closer look.
St. Cecilia - John William Waterhouse
St. Cecilia
John William Waterhouse
Marguerite Brand
Marguerite Brand
St. Cecilia (detail) - John William Waterhouse
St. Cecilia (detail)
John William Waterhouse

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