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Scarlet Quince News
February 2013

Hello stitching friends,

This will be a short newsletter! The main topic is...

Possible Change to the Floss Labels

We're considering making a change to the floss labels! As you may know, we have changed label materials a couple of times in a quest to improve the stickiness of the labels. We are now using labels with our supplier's "most aggressive adhesive" and we find that the labels stick pretty well. Most stay stuck the first time and the rest may lift 2 or 3 times but if you press them back down, the glue seems to cure and they stay put. At least that has been our experience. Recently it has been suggested that any remaining issues may be due to the design of the floss labels -- the information is printed at the bottom of the label and the label has to be folded over the top of the bobbin (at least if you want the information on the label to be at the top of the bobbin).

If the labels were half their current height, or in any case if the information was printed at the top of the label, they would not have to be folded and might stick first time, every time. The downside is that many bobbins have a hole in the top, so if the floss label doesn't wrap over the top of the bobbin, there will be an exposed sticky surface at the back of the hole. You could put a piece of tape over it, but now that's two steps.

We would like your opinion on whether this would be a good thing to do or not and have set up a short survey. It's only 3-5 questions and no personal information is collected. You can take it whether or not you have bought floss labels before. Go here. (We are not considering offering both formats. It will be one or the other, so make your opinion known!)

New patterns! Clink any picture for a closer look.

La Fiesta del Maiz - Diego Rivera
La Fiesta del Maiz
Diego Rivera
Welcome Maids of Honour - May Morris
Welcome Maids of Honour
May Morris
The Last Kiss of Romeo and Juliet - Francesco Hayez
The Last Kiss of Romeo and Juliet
Francesco Hayez

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