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March 2009

Hello stitching friends,

Spring is in the air! (At least in Texas) The spring flowers are coming into bloom and the fabric stores have spring fabric, so it's a good time to shop for fabric for your...

Elbow Gloves for your Scroll Frame

You may have heard of mittens (little covers to protect the fabric wrapped around the bars of your scroll frame as you stitch) but what are elbow gloves? Well, they're like mittens, only longer! They cover your needlework completely when you're not stitching, and when you want to stitch, you just pull them down. They still cover the fabric wrapped around the scroll bars in case you have a tendency to lean there. They look like this:

Elbow glove - open
Elbow glove - closed

Pretty cool, huh? Want some? Here are complete instructions for making a set that fits your scroll frame. (To give credit where credit is due, this is adapted from an idea we got from a picture in the gallery -- see the pictures of Audubon's Brown Pelican there.)

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