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April 2013

Hello stitching friends,

We want to call your attention to the online Needlework Show going on now! This is a great place to see the newest designs from a range of designers, and of course we are there!

Floss Labels

examples of label placement on bobbinsWe have come to a decision that the floss labels will remain as they currently are. (If you missed the discussion about changing the floss labels, see the March newsletter.) This will please some people and disappoint others, no doubt, but you can't win 'em all.

After much discussion, we concluded that the current layout allows you the most flexibility. The information printed on the labels is at the bottom so that they can be folded over the end of a floss bobbin, but if you would rather not fold the label, you can place the label at one end of the bobbin with the printing closest to the end so that the floss will not cover it. You may think of this orientation as upside down, but if you put your bobbins into boxes, they are probably on their sides anyway, so it is only a matter of tilting your head the other way to read the label. And if you don't use bobbins at all, you're bored by the whole discussion!

It does seem that the labels stick better to bobbins, especially plastic bobbins, if they are not folded. If you want to use the hole to put your bobbins on rings, you can put the label at the other end. If this covers too much of the slits, you can make a slit in the label.

Lady with Unicorn Series Complete

We only have one new pattern this month but it is the final pattern in the Lady with Unicorn series! We offer all these patterns in two sizes -- a larger version with more stitches and more detail, and a smaller version with fewer stitches and a little less detail. However, somehow the smaller version of Sense of Taste was left out. But here it is at last! New patterns are in progress and we'll have more to show you next month.

Lady with Unicorn: Sense of Taste (smaller)

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