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May 2006
Dear stitching friends,
We have many new pictures in our gallery this month! There are pictures of Ipomoea (a morning glory) and A Young Hare in progress, and updates on In The Greenhouse and Madonna of the Chair. There is also a picture of Beach at Bornholm framed. Be sure to check them out!

We may as well mention here that we will be out of the office from May 20-28. Orders received during that period will not be filled until our return. As always, credit cards are not charged until the orders are filled. If you have questions during that period, you might try posting them in the appropriate forum! Of course we will catch up on our email as quickly as possible when we return.
Incredible! (but true)

Recently, our Dazor magnifying lamp began dropping greasy black graphite smuts from a joint (thank you, Dazor) and of course they landed right on some light-colored stitching. (The definition of light-colored material is that which attracts dark dirt, right?) Dabbing at them only ground them in. We just hated to leave the spots until the piece was finished, so we put some Incredible! on a white paper towel, wrapped it around a toothpick so we could get down in the crevices, and that greasy dirt came right out without any harm to the cross stitch! If you haven't heard of Incredible!, it really is! It seemingly will take any kind of nasty spot out of anything, although it has no odor or color, no soapy feel, doesn't irritate skin, and is non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable. Apparently it consists of magic water! It's made in Houston and we're not sure how widely it's marketed outside Texas, but it's worth requesting if your grocer doesn't carry it. (No, we don’t own stock in the company!)
New patterns! Click any picture for a closer look.

Caermarden - John Speed

Ophelia - John William Waterhouse

The Hay Loft - Rosa Brett

Seated Cat - Ling Chu
John Speed
(background is not stitched)
John William Waterhouse
The Hay Loft
Rosa Brett
Seated Cat
Ling Chu
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