Scarlet Quince News April/May 2007
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Scarlet Quince News
April/May 2007

Hello stitching friends,

It seems like our newsletters have been going out closer and closer to the end of the month -- until finally we slid into the next month! This was partly intentional since it seems like it makes more sense to have the May newsletter come at the beginning of May than the end! We will try to stay on a beginning-of-the-month schedule henceforth.

Someone suggested recently that it would be nice if the pattern thumbnails were a little bigger (those are the small pictures you see when you're looking at a list of patterns). We thought this was a good idea, especially since we were able to make them load faster at the same time! We hope you'll like this change. The pictures at the bottom of this newsletter are the new size.

We give consideration to all suggestions and comments about the site and our patterns -- our theory is that if one person bothers to make a comment, several others are thinking the same thing. If there are things you think we could do better, please let us know!
We have a pattern award this month! This is the first one (we think) that has not gone to the first person to suggest a picture. We were not able to reach that person, so instead, Sarah Gibson of White River Junction, Vermont, received a copy of "The Torn Hat - Thomas Sully"! See below for a picture. Sarah was the second to suggest this picture. Remember, if your email address changes, you can just resubscribe - but then we won't know about the change for our suggestions database. Use the change of address form on the member services page to keep us updated.

There are new pictures in the gallery! There's a completed "Corbeille de Fleurs" (without background), and a combined picture of "Eliza Izard" and "On the Cache la Poudre". Stop by and have a look!

Telephone Ordering

We know that some people are reluctant to order over the internet with a credit card. Did you know that you can order from us online and NOT pay with a credit card? We have always accepted checks, money orders, and Paypal. We are now introducing toll-free telephone ordering! Our number is
(888) 469-1374. Please be aware that we are a small company and the phone is not answered 24/7. If you reach our voice mail, leave a message -- we will call you back!

New patterns! Clink any picture for a closer look.
The Torn Hat - Thomas Sully
The Torn Hat
Thomas Sully
Autumn Cider Pressing - George Henry Durrie

Autumn Cider Pressing
George Henry Durrie
Red Squirrel - Hans Hoffmann
Red Squirrel
Hans Hoffmann
Delft-made Dish with Grapes - Michiel Van Huysum

Delft-made Dish with Grapes
Michiel Van Huysum

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