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June 2004
Dear stitching friends,
Our forum posting contest winner this month is BarBara Przeklasa, Hamilton, Ontario. She chose "The Sense of Light - Annie Louise Swynnerton" as her prize. BarBara has a web page where she shows some of her needlework and other interests. She says she made the pictures of her needlework by putting it directly on the scanner. The results are great. Try it, if you have a scanner and your work fits.

Our forum contest is continuing, and you have an excellent chance to win too! All you have to do is register and post in our forums. Each post counts as one contest entry. Each month the winner of the drawing may select any of our patterns as his/her prize!

The Sense of Light
New -- Needlework Gallery

We've just added a gallery of your work! If you'd like to display your work there, send us a picture. It doesn't have to be finished! You can view the current examples here, and there are instructions on how to send us your pictures, too. Please do share -- we'd love to see how your stitching is going, and we'll bet everyone else would too.

Free Pattern Award

The Enchanted Garden (detail)
We just caught up with Sally Fair of New Zealand (or she with us). She suggested "The Enchanted Garden - John William Waterhouse" which we added a couple of months ago. She was cleaning out her old email box and found our message notifying her that she had won a free copy of this pattern. We're glad were able to get the pattern to her after all. Find out how you can win a pattern too.
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A few of our latest patterns...
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Vase with Flowers Children's Afternoon at Wargemont Dancers in Pink The Angelus
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