Scarlet Quince News June 2008
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Scarlet Quince News
June 2008

Hello stitching friends,

A few people have told us recently that they suddenly can't see the pictures in this newsletter. We haven't changed the way the pictures are included, but depending on how you receive email, there may be something you have to do explicitly to see the pictures. The Thunderbird email program hides images unless you click a button labeled "Show Images" (found at the top right of the message). If you use Hotmail, it displays a heading that says "Attachments, pictures, and links in this message have been blocked for your safety. Show content". You must click "Show content" to see the pictures. You can approve us as a contact and then the pictures will always be shown automatically. There are too many ways of receiving email for us to provide instructions for all of them, but if you don't see the pictures in this email, something like that is probably going on. If all else fails, you can always read the newsletter on our website at Goodies -> Newsletters.

Scarlet Quince Ramblings

We've added a blog to the website! For those who don't know, a blog or weblog is a sort of online journal, sometimes on a specific topic, sometimes covering whatever the author is currently thinking about. In ours, Meredith will be writing about whatever comes up -- cross stitch, art, the questions people ask, life in general. We hope you'll enjoy it! You can find it under Goodies -> Ramblings or, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Correction: Floss Sheets

We stated in the last newsletter that the floss sheets shown in the tips section as one way of organizing floss storage are no longer available. A helpful reader corrected us on this point. They are distributed by Yarn Tree, which sells only to needlework shops, but they should be carried by many shops and web sites. Yarn Tree has a list of shops that carry their products.

New patterns! Clink any picture for a closer look. With the addition of Winter, we have completed the set of Mucha Seasons.
Windflowers - John William Waterhouse
John William Waterhouse
Cats - Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen
Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen
Winter - Alphonse Mucha
Alphonse Mucha
Young Woman Sewing in a Garden - Mary Cassatt
Young Woman Sewing in a Garden
Mary Cassatt

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