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Scarlet Quince News
July 2013

Hello stitching friends,

Happy July! Hope you are having a good summer!

We have a pattern award! Lady Godiva - John Collier was suggested by Kris Nuss, from Cincinnati, Ohio. It is shown below.

How to Join Two Pieces of Fabric

We have finished our experiments on joining two pieces of fabric, and you can read about it in Scarlet Quince Ramblings (it's too long for the newsletter). A tutorial is in the works. As we've said before, this is something you want to avoid doing, but we experimented to find the best way to do it if you have to. Much better, though, to check your calculations (or use our fabric calculator), measure measure measure, and allow plenty of margin. Yes, you may have to send away for a large piece of fabric, and it costs more, but your time and effort is worth so much more than a little extra money.

New patterns! Clink any picture for a closer look.

Lady Godiva - John Collier
Lady Godiva
John Collier
The Moat and Bishop's Palace, Wells Cathedral - Walter Crane
The Moat and Bishop's Palace, Wells Cathedral
Walter Crane
Grazing Horses II - Franz Marc
Grazing Horses II
Franz Marc

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