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Scarlet Quince News
August 2017

Hello stitching friends,

We were very excited to be contacted by Cross Stitch Crazy magazine in the UK asking us for an interview! They ran an article about fine art cross stitch in their July issue and Scarlet Quince is prominently featured! You can read the article here: Cross Stitch Crazy article.

We have two pattern awards this month: Autumn at Oirase - Kawase Hasui was the suggestion of Caitlin, of Arlington, Massachusetts. Linda Toone, Thurmont, Maryland, was the first to suggest La Dame aux Camelias - Alphonse Mucha. Both ladies have been sent complimentary copies of their patterns (our way of saying thank you!). The patterns are shown below.

SQ Stitch Updates

There is a new version of SQ Stitch out with several new features, mostly requested by you, our customers!

There is now a mode for permanently marking (or unmarking) a stitch. This can be used to track parked stitches, planned stitches, errors, or anything you like. Optionally, marked stitches can be automatically unmarked when you mark them as stitched.

The key for the last color stitched is now displayed at the top of the chart tab. It's really helpful if snipping a thread also erases your memory of what color that was!

By default, SQ Stitch assumes you have taken a break if no stitches have been marked done in the last 5 minutes. This can now be set to any value from 1 to 20 minutes. There is also a button to pause the stitch timer whenever you like on the Chart tab. (Timing automatically resumes when you take a stitch.) Both features are aimed at making your stitching statistics more accurate, should that be something you care about.

There are several other enhancements and bug fixes, and the manual has been updated to cover all the new features. You can see a complete list of changes in the change log.

By the way, if you have a feature you'd like to see in SQ Stitch, or something that doesn't seem quite right, or anything at all, please let us know!


New pattern! Clink the picture for a closer look.

Autumn at Oirase - Kawase Hasui
Autumn at Oirase
Kawase Hasui
Scales - Jessie Willcox Smith
Jessie Willcox Smith
La Dame aux Camelias - Alphonse Mucha
La Dame aux Camelias
Alphonse Mucha

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