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September 2005
Dear stitching friends,
Happy Autumn! I hope you live someplace where autumn means cool crisp days, apple cider, turning leaves, etc. Here in central Texas it still means nearly 100-degree temperatures.


Pattern Format Changes

We have made a few changes to our pattern layouts. A number of people have suggested larger print in the floss key, cross-reference, and floss usage sections, and we have accordingly increased the size of that print. It seems to us to be very comfortable to read now (and we do admit it was pretty small before).

We have also put the floss key and cross reference on a sheet by themselves, following a suggestion by another member. Before, the chart began on the back of the first sheet. If you want to tear the key out (maybe not a great idea!) you won't also be tearing out the first page of the chart.

You can see these changes in the downloadable Redoute rose, and we hope you'll like them! Visit the member services page to get the new version.

We know that some of you still wish that the symbols in the chart were larger! Actually our symbols are at least as large as some other familiar brands, but we are considering whether a large print version with really big symbols might be feasible. If that would appeal to you, let us know.


Pattern Awards

We have two pattern awards to announce this month! Mrs. Gladys Goldberger, Penfield, New York, received a copy of The Meeting on the Turret Stairs, by Frederic William Burton, for being the first to suggest that picture. And Kelly Searles, Chickamauga, Georgia, suggested The Ball, by James-Jacques-Joseph Tissot, and received a copy of it. Thank you both for your suggestions! Would you like to suggest a picture? Read how.

The Meeting on the Turret Stairs

The Ball


More Gallery Updates

We have several new images in our gallery! There are new work-in-progress pictures of In the Greenhouse and Madonna of the Chair. If you scroll down, there is an update for Lady and the Unicorn: Sense of Hearing, and a picture of the stunning completed Hollyhocks and Other Flowers in a Vase! Visit our cross stitch gallery.
A few of our latest patterns... Click for a closer view, or see all the latest here

The Virgin of the Lilies
William Bouguereau
James-Jacques-Joseph Tissot
Christmas Rose
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