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October 2004
Dear stitching friends,
We're pleased to announce that we will be featured in the online Needlework Show this month, running from October 13-18 (6PM EDT Wednesday to 6PM EDT Monday). This is primarily a wholesale show, although everyone can visit! If you have been reluctant to order online, ask your favorite shop about ordering for you during the show. (If you visit, please note that the vendor pages are only viewable during the times indicated).


Our latest pattern awards are:

Larisa Feldman of Melbourne, Australia, received a copy of "Spring - Giuseppe Arcimboldo" which she was the first to suggest.

Marleah K., from Kansas, suggested "Ivy - Alphonse Mucha", and has received an electronic copy of that pattern.

Thanks to both ladies for great suggestions!

You also have a chance to win a free pattern by suggesting a new painting - find out how!


In our last newsletter, we asked for suggestions about good places to buy cross stitch replies online. We received several ideas - no consensus, but quite a few recommendations. We won't list them all here, but we are better equipped now for those of you who ask for help along these lines.


We have a new example of completed work in our gallery - "Rosa centifolia Anglica rubra - Pierre-Joseph Redoute" stitched by Kavita Y., of Mumbai, India. Be sure to check out this beautiful rose! This pattern is a membership benefit, and if you didn't download the pattern when you joined, you can still do so from our member services page.



Two Children at the Seashore

Lady with Unicorn: Sense of Hearing (smaller)
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