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November 2003
Dear friends,

The holiday season is almost upon us! To put you in the mood, we have a special offer for members only! For a limited time, the chart shown at right, "Merry Christmas Brand Apples", is FREE to members with purchase! Just place an order for $14.99 worth of patterns by December 24 and we'll automatically include your free chart for this great 1930s-vintage apple crate label (limit 1 per customer). It's 285w x 185h stitches and uses 70 colors.
Merry Christmas Brand Apples
Our New Look
We've just released a new look for the Scarlet Quince web site. Things have moved around a little in order to give us a better framework for adding some new features we have in mind. We realize this may require a bit of adjustment but we hope you'll like the new look. No, we can't tell you yet what the coming features are -- stay tuned!
Basket and Vase of Flowers
Basket and Vase of Flowers
'I am half-sick of shadows', said the Lady of Shalott
'I am half-sick of shadows', said the Lady of Shalott
Free Pattern Awards

Congratulations to Lis Steinmetz of Adelaide, South Australia, and Ann Somers from Belgium, who have received free copies of patterns they suggested. Lis suggested "'I am half-sick of shadows, said the Lady of Shalott" by Sidney Howard Meteyard, and Ann's suggestion
was "Basket and Vase of Flowers" by Cornelis Van Spaendonck. Thank you, ladies, for two excellent suggestions!

Find out how you can have a chance to win a free pattern by suggesting a painting.
Have Fun, But Keep It Clean
Cat in Window Peaceable Kingdom (detail)
Occasionally we're asked for suggestions on removing various kinds of marks and soil from cross stitch. The very best suggestion we can make is to keep your work clean in the first place (absent accidents which can occur in the best-regulated homes). Use a high-lighter to mark off stitched areas on your chart. It won't smudge off onto your hands. Wash your hands often, whether they seem to need it or not. You'd be surprised how much oil you can pick up from things that are nominally clean, and that oil transfers to your work and catches dirt later. If you like to watch TV while stitching, look out for the remote control -- if the popcorn eaters have been handling it, it's probably hopeless. Try putting a baggie over it.

Many of the tips we've found for cleaning soiled work sound iffy or involve discontinued products (Ivory Snow is now a detergent). If you have personal experience, we'd like to hear from you, even if yours is a horror story (it's good to know what NOT to do).
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