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November 2004
Dear stitching friends,

Our holiday special for members was very popular last year so we're repeating it! This year our chart is "Merry Old Santa Claus", by Thomas Nast, and it's FREE to members with purchase!

Just place an order for $14.99 worth of patterns anytime through December 24 and we'll automatically include your free chart for this wonderful classic (limit 1 per customer). It's 186w x 260h stitches and uses 83 colors. (The background is not stitched.) This chart is NOT for sale on our site yet! Our members have the chance to get it before anyone else.
Merry Old Santa Claus

Merry Old Santa Claus
Chart and Site Improvements
We've just increased the size of the symbols in our charts by 35%! This is thanks to a comment from one of our customers - she wished the symbols were larger and we decided that they certainly could be! The new size is definitely easier to read.
We have also added metric estimates to the floss requirements.

Although some people have wholeheartedly embraced the internet and online shopping, we know that others would rather just remain good friends. For those folks (you know who you are), we've added an order form which can be printed and mailed to us. There's no need to deal with the shopping cart or give an email address. Payment can be by check, money order, or credit card.

We owe many of the improvements to our charts and the site to comments from people like you, so if you have ideas, we'd like to hear them. Neurotic or responsive? You decide!
This month we have two pattern awards:

Magda Vinas from the Dominican Republic suggested "The New Pets - Emile Munier". Munier was a new artist to us. We've also added another pattern from his "Autrefois".
The New Pets - Emile Munier
Carol Espinosa from Hickory Creek, Texas, suggested "Flora - Evelyn De Morgan". This is Carol's second award! She says she's currently stitching "Corbeille de Fleurs - Joseph Nigg".
Flora - Evelyn De Morgan
Thank you, Carol and Magda, for your suggestions!
A few more of our latest patterns...
Click for a closer view, or see all the latest here

Ehret die Frauen
Marianne Stokes
Emma Sandys
The Sleeping Gypsy
Henri Rousseau
Corbeille des Fleurs (without background)
Joseph Nigg
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