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November 2005
Dear stitching friends,
We have some exciting updates to our gallery! There is a completed and framed "Spring - Giuseppe Arcimboldo" -- and by the same person, "Rosa centifolia Anglica rubra - Pierre-Joseph Redoute". We also have further progress on "The Accolade - Edmund Blair-Leighton", and "In the Greenhouse - George Lambdin". Be sure to have a look!
New patterns! Click any picture for a closer look.

Nova Orbis Tabula - Frederick de Wit
Nova Orbis Tabula
Frederick de Wit

Sistine Madonna - Raphael
Sistine Madonna

The Horse Fair - Rosa Bonheur
The Horse Fair
Rosa Bonheur
December Shipping Special!

For the month of December we are offering a special on shipping for orders totalling $44.99 or more! Such orders will receive free shipping in the US and Canada, and a 50% discount on shipping to all other countries. This applies to the "default" shipping method, generally first class or priority mail in the US or airmail letter-post for other countries. This is a good deal so take advantage and save!

Coming Soon - Large Print Patterns

Very soon we will be making large print patterns available! This will be an option - the regular size will continue to be available also. But we think that the large print patterns will make a lot of people happy. Stay tuned for more details!

All of the patterns shown at right were suggested by members! "Nova Orbis Tabula - Frederick de Wit" is thanks to Sandy Prater, of Valdosta, Georgia, and "The Horse Fair - Rosa Bonheur" was suggested by Linda A. Spray from Okla, Saskatchewan! They've received free electronic copies of their suggestions. Thank you, ladies!
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