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Scarlet Quince News
November 2008

Hello stitching friends,

We have a pattern award this month! Sue Jones of Whitley Bay, in the northeast of England, was the first to suggest The Rose Bower by Edward Burne-Jones (see below), and we're sending her a complimentary copy. Thanks for your suggestion, Sue!

More About Needles

We talked about the Spiral Eye side-threading needle in last month's newsletter. They have now introduced a smaller needle, the SE-2. It's just the size of a size 24 tapestry needle and a very nice size for cross stitch.

One reader wrote in about how she intended to make use of the spiral eye needle. She has small children and can't leave needles out when she isn't stitching, so she has never been able to use the parking technique. Too much work removing and and then re-threading the needles! With the easy-threading needle, though, she can just leave the floss hanging and easily move one needle around, then put it away when she's finished stitching.

Another reader wrote about the difficulty she was having stitching with one strand of floss over one. Stitching was fine, but getting the needle under existing stitches to end a sequence was very difficult. Her solution? Use a size 10 beading needle. (Beading needles are very slender needles with an eye the same size as the body of the needle, not expanded as usual. They are made by John James and other companies.) She says that made her stitching much easier! We've had problems keeping ordinary tapestry needles threaded when stitching with a single strand, and the smaller eye should help with that too.

If you have tricks or techniques that make stitching easier or better, please let us know. We'll add them to our tips section.

*-*-*-*-* Pre-Holiday Sale *-*-*-*-*

We're having a sale! Everything is 10% off! Save now on patterns, floss labels, even gift certificates! (Please note, the discount is given when you check out -- it doesn't show up in the shopping cart.) The sale ends Thanksgiving night (Thursday, November 27).

New patterns! Clink any picture for a closer look. Yes, we will eventually have all the Lady and Unicorn tapestries, and all in two sizes.
Lady with Unicorn: Sense of Touch Lady with Unicorn:
Sense of Touch
Dragon - Aubrey Beardsley
Aubrey Beardsley
The Rose Bower - Edward Burne-Jones The Rose Bower
Edward Burne-Jones
Old Faithful - Albert Bierstadt Old Faithful
Albert Bierstadt

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