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December 2011

Hello stitching friends,

We wish you all a joyful, peaceful holiday. However you celebrate, we hope you can be with those you love.

De-Kinking Floss

This wonderful tip was sent to us by a reader! It's so easy, you'll love it! If you wind your floss onto bobbins, you'll sometimes find that when you get down to the last layer, the floss has acquired a lot of sharp kinks. What this means is that the floss has been crushed in those spots, and isn't as full as it originally was. But you can fix this!

velcro and thimble
stick velcro to thimble
kinky floss
You need a thimble and a self-stick velcro dot.
Stick the soft side of the dot to the side of the thimble. You won't use the hook side.
Bring on that kinky floss! Dampen the velcro.
Pull the floss between your thumb and the vel- cro. Voila! (If you used too much water, blot the floss on a towel.)

If you have tips of your own that you'd like to share, please email us!

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