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Top Questions

1.  Do you have a free pattern?

Yes, 'Rosa centifolia Anglica rubra' by Pierre-Joseph Redoute (pattern code RED001) is available free to our members.

2.  Why do you offer a free pattern?

We want to give you an opportunity to sample one of our cross stitch patterns to see how you like it before you buy, and to thank you for joining.

3.  Can I choose a different pattern as my free pattern?

No, the Redoute rose is the only free pattern.

4.  Are you going to add more free patterns?

We don't have plans to add more.

5.  How do I get the free rose pattern?

When you subscribe to our free newsletter we'll send you an email with a link you can follow to download the free pattern.

6.  Can you mail me a printed copy of my free pattern?

No, it is only free if downloaded. Printed copies are for sale.

7.  Does the rose pattern have all the features of the patterns you sell?

The chart is one of our standard charts, so it's exactly like our patterns for sale. The only part you don't get is the cover page, which has a color picture of the pattern, but you can print the picture from the web site.

8.  Are there any other ways to get a free pattern?

Yes! If you're the first to suggest a picture that you think would make a good cross stitch pattern, and we use it, you'll receive a free copy. See the rules for making suggestions here.

1.  Why do you ask for pattern suggestions?

We want to do designs that will appeal to you so this is one way of finding out what you like. We also hear of great pictures that we might not have discovered otherwise.

2.  What do I have to do to win a cross stitch pattern based on my suggestion?

Usually, you must be the FIRST person to suggest a picture or portion of a picture. (However, if the first person does not claim their free pattern within 2 weeks, you may still have a chance at it.) You must also make a SPECIFIC suggestion, identifying the artist and title you have in mind.

3.  Should I send you a copy of the picture I'm suggesting?

It is helpful if you can send us a picture or a link to a picture. There are many artists who painted several pictures with the same title. You don't have to, though. If we need clarification about exactly which picture you're suggesting, we'll let you know.

4.  If I'm the first to suggest a picture, am I guaranteed to win a pattern?

No, there are many reasons that we might not use a picture. We definitely do not guarantee that we will use your suggestion.

5.  What are some of the reasons you might not use my suggestion?

Some things that don't work well are pictures with a lot of small detail, and pictures where the original has become very dirty or faded. Pictures with a lot of people usually have to be very large -- there needs to be at least one stitch per eye or the people turn into monsters. We also prefer not to use pictures protected by copyright.

6.  How can I find out if the picture I want to suggest is protected by copyright?

Copyright law is very complicated, but anything recent is certainly protected. We recommend you go ahead and make your suggestion and we'll sort it out.

7.  Could you license copyrighted work in order to use it?

Yes, and we have done that in some cases. However, it's time-consuming to arrange and expensive. We will continue adding copyrighted work when the probable popularity seems to justify it.

8.  When will I know if you're going to design a pattern from my suggestion?

We will let you know after you make a suggestion whether you are the first to make that suggestion or not. This may take 2-3 weeks. Beyond that, we can't give any definite timeframe except to say that you will probably need to be patient. Be sure to let us know if your email address changes. Go to Member Services to change your email address.

9.  Can I suggest more than one picture?

Yes, please suggest as many as you like, but not all at once. Please limit it to a FEW per week. Checking and processing suggestions is time-consuming. We will not process emails with dozens of suggestions.

10.  What if I have a type of picture I'd like to see as a cross stitch pattern but no particular example?

We're always happy to have general suggestions. We take them into consideration when we're looking for pictures to use for patterns, but do not award free patterns for general suggestions.

11.  Will you mail me a printed copy of my free pattern?

No. Pattern awards are now sent electronically.

1.  What are the benefits of being a Scarlet Quince member?

As a member, you'll receive our free email newsletter (sent monthly) which is filled with news, tips, and advance notice of sales. You'll also be able to download our free rose pattern. Occasionally we also have special offers and sales which are available only to members.

2.  Can I receive the newsletter in the regular mail?

No, we only send it as email. However, all the newsletters are available on our website and you can read them there.

3.  I joined but never got the confirming email - why?

You probably typed your email address incorrectly. Try joining again (this doesn't put you in our list twice). Or if you use a spam filter which requires unapproved senders to confirm, you will need to add sq @ to your whitelist (removing the blanks).

4.  Why do I have to confirm that I meant to subscribe?

We don't add you to our member list until you have confirmed your subscription so that we know your email address works, and also just in case someone else subscribed you without your permission.

5.  The email you sent that should have had the link was blank - why?

Sometimes our email turns into an attachment to a blank message. Check to see if there's an attachment. You may have to double-click it to open it.

6.  I really can't find any message - now what?

If you have tried to subscribe a couple of times, are sure you typed your email address correctly, but never got the confirmation email, please let us know. If you have confirmed your membership and didn't get the welcoming email, our membership services page includes a way to get to the download page. Just enter your email address.

7.  The link in your email doesn't work - how can I get around this?

See above.

8.  I have forgotten my login!

There isn't currently a login for members. Retailers who have a wholesale account have a login, and can contact us if they forget it. The forums do have a login, and a way to recover your password if you forget it.

1.  What is required to download the free pattern?

The free pattern comes in Acrobat Reader PDF format. If you don't already have Acrobat Reader, you will need to download it first. Visit to get a copy.

2.  The download page has two links — what is the difference?

One is a link to a regular print pattern; the other is a large print pattern. They are exactly the same pattern, but the print sizes are different. You can preview the difference in this one-page comparison of print sizes. You are also welcome to download both patterns and see which you like better. All our patterns are available in both regular print and large print.

3.  How long does it take to download the free pattern?

The file size (for both patterns) is about 200 kB. At dialup speeds, it should take 30 seconds to 1 minute to download.

4.  Is there a way I can monitor the progress of the download?

Yes, if you right-click the link you'll get a menu which gives you the option to save the free pattern to a file instead of just opening it. Depending on your browser, this option is called "Save link target as..." or "Save target as...". Be sure that the save file name has .pdf as its extension. Once you have specified a file name, a popup will show you how much of the file has downloaded.

5.  I got to the download page and I have Acrobat Reader, but nothing happened when I clicked the "Download and open" link - why?

On a slow connection, it can appear that nothing is happening while the pattern downloads. Eventually you should see Acrobat Reader start. Be sure you have waited long enough for the pattern to download.

6.  Why can't I find the free pattern on my computer after I downloaded it?

If you just click on the link to open the pattern, the pattern is displayed in Adobe Reader, but you must explicitly save it if you don't want to download it again the next time you want to look at it.

7.  In the floss key, why do some floss numbers not have symbols next to them?

If you run into this, you need to update your version of Adobe Reader. (Even if you don't have a problem with other PDFs -- the problem is a version incompatibility between our PDF and Adobe Reader.)

8.  My floss key shows the same symbol for several different colors - why?

This is also a problem with the version of Adobe Reader. You need to update your copy.

9.  Some of the symbols on the chart aren't in the key - what's going on?

They really are all there but the symbols in the chart are a little smaller than the symbols in the key. Sometimes parts of the symbols in the chart don't print completely, especially at low resolution or draft quality. Try printing the chart at the highest resolution/quality available.

1.  What products do you offer?

We sell counted cross stitch charts, in regular and large print, custom floss labels for each chart, labels for the full set of DMC colors, and gift certificates. All are available in either printed or electronic form.

2.  What are floss labels?

Floss labels are small adhesive labels, one per solid color or blended color used in a chart. They are printed with the floss number(s) and the chart symbol for that color or blend, and include color swatches. You can stick them to your floss bobbins or bags and save some time getting set up as you begin a new pattern. You can read more about them on our floss labels page.

3.  Why wouldn't I just write the numbers on my bobbins myself?

You certainly can — the labels are just a nicety. But it's helpful to have the symbols on your bobbins, and some people don't like drawing them. The labels also make a great way of checking that you really have all the floss colors for your pattern. The color swatches are helpful, too, to keep you from putting floss back on the wrong bobbin.

4.  Do you offer kits?

No, but if you aren't used to buying your own supplies to go with a chart, we'll help you figure out what you need to buy. Most cross stitch shops will also help you.

5.  Do you offer stamped cross stitch (pattern stamped on fabric)?

No, only counted cross stitch charts.

6.  Do you sell patterns for machine cross stitch?


7.  What are the charts like?

Download our free rose pattern to see a sample chart, or take our chart tour.

8.  Do you do custom pattern design?

No, pattern design is usually very time-consuming and we don't think people would want to pay as much as a one-off pattern would cost.

1.  Do you sell electronic patterns?

Yes, both the patterns and floss labels are now available in PDF format.

2.  How do you buy electronic patterns?

Before you add a pattern to the cart, be sure that the "Electronic" option is highlighted. (The initial default is "Printed", but we will remember what you chose last.)

3.  Once I have ordered an electronic pattern, how do I get it?

It will be emailed to you after we process your payment. This may take up to 1 business day. Each item you order will come as an attachment to a separate email. If you don't get an email confirming your order, please get in touch with us or we won't be able to send your pattern.

4.  Will I need a password or special software to open the file?

No, we have opted not to use any kind of digital rights management. It would be expensive for us and annoying for you. We believe that most stitchers are honest and will not share the patterns if reminded that doing so is illegal.

5.  How do electronic floss labels work?

The label sheets that we use for printed floss labels are not a type available at office supply stores, so the electronic labels have lines printed on them to guide you in cutting them apart. You can print them out onto plain paper and tape or glue them to your floss holders, or buy whole-sheet labels such as Avery 8165 (inkjet) or Avery 5265 (laser) or the equivalent.

6.  Can I return an electronic pattern?

No. Electronic patterns and floss labels are not returnable. No refunds will be given for any reason, so if you have not ordered from us before, have a look at the free pattern first to be sure you know what you are getting.

7.  Is there anything else different about the electronic patterns?

They are for your use only, and to remind you, the pattern covers are watermarked with your name across the picture. The chart pages are watermarked in the margins. Floss label pages are also watermarked in the margin.

8.  Does this mean I can't give my copy to someone else?

Yes, it does. Our patterns are copyrighted and protected by international laws and treaties. This means that you are not allowed to do anything that increases the number of copies in circulation. You may not give away or sell printed or electronic copies. You may not post copies on the internet under any circumstances.

9.  What if I get the pattern and can't open the PDF?

You should make sure you can open a PDF attached to an email before you order electronic patterns. There is a link on the last page of checkout which will let you send yourself a PDF. You should make sure you receive the PDF and can open it before you finish and pay.

1.  Do the patterns use quarter or half stitches, or backstitching?

No, our patterns are entirely done in full cross stitch, and there is no backstitching.

2.  What brands of embroidery floss are your patterns charted for?

Our designs are charted for DMC floss, which seems to be the most widely available brand. There are conversion tables to other brands if you have a lot of something else on hand.

3.  Do the patterns use any silk or metallic floss, beads, buttons, etc.?

No, all designs use cotton DMC floss only, with no accessories.

4.  Do the patterns use any blended colors?

Yes, blended colors are key to getting the subtle shading in our patterns. ALL of our patterns use blended colors.

5.  What are blended colors?

Our patterns call for stitching with 2 strands of floss. Solid colors use 2 strands of the same color, and blended colors use 1 strand each of 2 different colors. This simulates an intermediate color. When using a blended color, it's important to keep the floss untwisted so both colors show.

6.  Are there any patterns that don't use blended colors?

No, they all have at least some blended colors.

7.  Could your patterns be used for needlepoint?

Yes, since there are no partial stitches, but it would probably be too difficult to convert the colors to wool. We would recommend using 18-count canvas and stitching with 6 strands of DMC floss (3 strands of each color for blends).

8.  Are your patterns too difficult for a beginner?

Our patterns are mostly large but not difficult! If you have not used blended colors before you might want to practice a few stitches on a scrap before you get started.

9.  I think I'd like to start with something small — what can you suggest?

Click here to find our patterns which are quick to stitch.

10.  Why do some patterns say that I should use a particular color fabric?

Patterns in which the background is not stitched are designed so that edge stitches shade into the fabric color, creating a smooth edge look. This means designing for a particular fabric color. If you used a different fabric color, the shading stitches would stick out instead of blending.

11.  Is there any particular equipment you recommend?

We highly recommend a magnifying light, such as the Dazor brand. This makes stitching so much easier. You can use anything you like to hold the fabric taut, but we recommend using a scroll frame, ideally on a floor stand. You can read more in the equipment section of our cross stitch tips page.

12.  Do you have other suggestions? I need some help getting started.

Full instructions are available at instructions. We have some tutorials on stitching basics and advanced techniques. We've tried to provide comprehensive cross stitch tips and instruction as well. Have a look there, and if you still have questions, let us know!

13.  What is the difference between the large and regular print patterns?

The print size of the large print patterns is about 50% larger than the regular print patterns (which are a standard size for cross stitch patterns). The charts themselves are exactly the same, except that, since the print is larger, the large print patterns require more pages to print. Print this page to see how the sizes compare.

14.  Can I make a working copy of my chart?

Yes, you may, provided you destroy the copy when you are done stitched. You may not enlarge the chart, however, unless you have bought the large print version and it is still too small for you. (Large print patterns say "Large print" on the cover. Patterns without that label may not be enlarged.) If you need permission for a copy shop, print this page to show them.

1.  Do you recommend any particular stitch count fabric?

We recommend at least 16-count fabric. 18-count is better, and up to about 25-count will work with 2 strands of floss.

2.  Why do you recommend high stitch count fabric?

High stitch count fabric means smaller stitches, which give better coverage of the fabric. This makes the illusion of a painting more real than obvious X's would. Also, it may be difficult to find a piece of fabric large enough to work some of our patterns at 12- or 14-count.

3.  What kind of fabric should I use?

You can use any evenweave fabric you like, but consider whether any of the fabric is going to show in the finished piece. If the background is not stitched, or you want to frame it so that there is an exposed border around the piece, we like linen. If no fabric will show, you might as well use Aida and save a little money. This is discussed at more length in our tips section under Fabric.

4.  What kind of fabric was used for the pictures on your site?

The pictures on the site are actually computer-generated facsimiles of stitched work. For the closest resemblance to those pictures, we recommend 18- or 22-count aida.

5.  How do I determine how much fabric I need?

Use our fabric calculator to calculate fabric yardage for various stitch counts, framing options, etc.

6.  How do I know how much floss of each color to buy?

Our patterns include lists of the approximate floss requirements for 16- and 18-count fabric. Other counts are available by using our floss calculator.

7.  Some of the floss requirements are in skeins - what's a skein?

A skein is the little bundle or package floss is sold in. A DMC skein is 8.7 yards or 8 meters in length.

8.  Can I get the floss requirements before my pattern comes so I can shop a sale?

Yes, you can print them from the web site. Visit the floss calculator.

9.  What if my local shop doesn't have some of the floss colors I need?

Unfortunately many general craft stores don't stock all the colors, especially not the most recent additions to the DMC line. Usually a shop specializing in needlework will have all the colors. If you don't have such a shop locally, check the list of retailers -- most of them will be glad to help you. There are also lots of web sites which sell cross stitch supplies.

10.  Can you recommend a web site where I can buy my supplies?

We don't recommend any particular site. Try doing a web search for "DMC floss" or whatever you need. Be sure to shop around as prices vary widely, and service too. Some places will cut fabric to the exact dimensions you require, while others only sell fixed sizes.

11.  What are the metric equivalents for the floss amounts you give?

Our newer patterns give the floss requirements in both English and metric units. If you have an older pattern, figure:
< 12" = < 30 cm
2' = 60 cm
1 yd = 90 cm
2 yds = 1.8 m
3 yds = 2.7 m
1/2 skein = 4 m
3/4 skein = 6 m
1 skein = 8 m

12.  What kind of needle should I use?

We recommend a size 26 tapestry needle. Some people prefer size 28, which is smaller.

1.  How do I place an order?

When you see a pattern you like, click "add to cart". By default, this will be a regular print pattern. If you want the large print version, set the toggle to large print before you click "add to cart". If you want to include floss labels, check "include floss labels". You can add as many patterns as you like to your cart. When you're ready to complete your order, click "check out now" from the shopping cart.

2.  Can I find out what the shipping charges to my location will be before I order?

Yes, just add the patterns you're considering to your cart. The cart shows the shipping for the United States. If you're in another country change the destination to your country, then click the recalculate button.

3.  Why doesn't the pattern I added to my cart show up in the cart?

The shopping cart uses a cookies so you must have cookies enabled. See the Site Technical Questions section for more information about cookies.

4.  What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal, money orders made out in US dollars, and personal checks drawn on US bank accounts. When you pay via PayPal, you can also use an electronic check (from a US bank account).

5.  What is an electronic check?

It's just like a paper check, except that there is no paper! You supply a check number and your account information and the money is withdrawn from your checking account. Note that PayPal enforces a clearing period for all electronic checks.

6.  What information is required when I order?

Besides the patterns you are ordering, we need your name and shipping address, your email address or a phone number, and how you want to pay. If you are using a credit card we also need your billing address, credit card number and the expiration date.

7.  Can I wire my payment to your bank account?

No, we only accept the payment methods indicated; but you can send electronic money orders with Western Union and MoneyGram.

8.  What payment options are there if I live outside the US?

Besides the credit cards listed above, you can get a money order in US dollars at many banks outside the US. Western Union and MoneyGram allow you to send a money order electronically. PayPal is also available to people in about 190 countries (see list)

9.  What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment service commonly used to pay for internet auctions and many other things. There is no charge for joining or making payments. See PayPal's web site for more information.

10.  Is it safe to pay with a credit card?

Yes, both our order form and PayPal use 128-bit SSL. This scrambles transmitted data in such a way that it effectively can never be unscrambled.

11.  Will you let me know that you've received my order?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation right after you order, and another email when your order actually ships. (If you don't receive the confirmation of your order, please send us an email — you may have mistyped your email address.)

12.  Are Scarlet Quince patterns available in shops?

Yes! Many shops carry them and we encourage you to buy from them. There is a list of retailers under the Solutions tab. If you don't see your local shop in the list, check with them about ordering for you.

13.  Are there other ways to order?

Yes, if you feel uncomfortable ordering online and don't have a shop nearby, there is an order form you can print, fill out, and fax or mail to us. You can also phone us toll free at (888) 469-1374. Please note that we are a small business and the phones are not answered 24/7. If you will leave your phone number we WILL call you back.

14.  Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes! We offer wholesale pricing to retailers of needlework and craft supplies. Click the wholesale login link for more information.

15.  How quickly do you fill orders?

We normally fill orders the next business day after receiving your payment, unless you are a first-time buyer paying with a personal check. In that case we hold your order until your check has cleared, about 5 business days.

16.  What shippers do you use?

We ship only via the US Postal Service. When you order, please make sure that you give an address that they can deliver to.

17.  How long will it take for my order to arrive?

It depends on the method of shipping you chose. In the US, first class mail usually takes 3-5 days, with priority mail about the same or a little less. Express Mail is overnight to most areas. For international orders, the Postal Service's estimate of delivery time is shown for each shipping option in the cart and when you check out. However, occasionally mail does take the long way around and the delivery time can vary widely.

18.  Is there a tracking number?


19.  I have waited a long time and my order still hasn't arrived — now what?

Sometimes the mail does take longer than seems justified but almost always things do arrive. If it seems likely that your order has gotten lost, we will send you a replacement. We have had very, very few shipments actually get lost.

20.  Do you offer discounts or "buy 2, get 1 free"?

No, our patterns are already discounted. While it's fun to feel you're getting something free, sites that offer "buy 2, get 1 free" just charge more for their patterns. We want everyone to get our best price even if they only want one pattern.

21.  I want to get a t-shirt with my patterns — can I do that?

Unfortunately not. We ship the patterns and t-shirts and other gear must be ordered separately from our supplier, Cafe Press.

1.  What is the "fixed scale view" link on the individual pattern page for?

The pictures of the patterns on the individual pattern page are sized to fit that page. Much as in a road atlas where the map of each state fills one page, some pictures will have much more detail than others, and the stitch size varies from picture to picture. The fixed scale view link shows the pictures with a constant stitch size (stitches are 2 pixels on a side). Usually, but not always, the fixed scale view will be larger and more detailed than the view on the individual pattern page. This is useful for comparing different patterns of the same picture, and getting an idea of the relative sizes of the patterns.

2.  Are there non-English versions of the site?

The site is written in English, but the Google Translate button at the top of each page allows you to see pages in other languages. The translation is done automatically and may not always be accurate. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.

1.  Do I need a particular browser to view the site?

No, any browser should work. Things may look a little better with newer browsers. If you feel there's something wrong or missing in the way our site displays with your browser, please let us know.

2.  Are there any optional things I need to enable to use the site.

Yes, you must have cookies enabled. We also use JavaScript which is not usually optional, although some browsers do allow it to be disabled.

3.  What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your local computer by some of the sites you visit. They let sites "remember" things about you as you move from page to page. We use them to record the contents of your shopping cart. No one can see a cookie except you and the site that set that particular cookie.

4.  What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a language used in some web pages for a variety of special features. We use it for shopping cart processing and a few other little things. It's also used for Google Translate.

5.  How do I enable cookies and JavaScript in my browser?

For Internet Explorer, cookies are controlled under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy. JavaScript is always enabled. For Netscape, cookies are controlled under Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Cookies. JavaScript is controlled under Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Scripts & Plugins.

1.  Is there a fee for the newsletter?

No, the newsletter is free.

2.  How often is the newsletter sent?

The newsletter is sent once per calendar month, though not always exactly 30 days apart!

3.  What does the newsletter cover?

It contains stitching tips, news about Scarlet Quince, and more. You can read past copies in our newsletter archive.

4.  Can you send me the newsletter in the regular mail?

The newsletter is only available by email, but you can also read them in the archive on our web site.

5.  How do I change the email address I subscribed with?

Go to the member services page, fill in your old and new addresses, and it's done.

6.  How do I stop getting the newsletter?

There is an "unsubscribe" link in your "welcome" email and in every newsletter. Or click here to unsubscribe.

7.  I subscribed so why have I never received a newsletter?

We may not have sent one since you subscribed. Or, if you didn't receive the confirming email at the time, you may have typed your email address incorrectly. Try subscribing again. It's also possible that you have an overactive spam blocker. If you use a system that sends an email requiring a person to click a link, you won't get the newsletter until you add sq @ to your whitelist (remove the spaces).

8.  My email address has not changed but I'm not getting the newsletter. What happened?

If the newsletter email to you bounced (came back to us) two months in a row, you were removed from the list. Try resubscribing.

9.  Why would my newsletter email have bounced?

If we have your current email address, the most common reason for an email to bounce is that your inbox is full. The next most likely reason is that you (or your ISP) have a spam blocker that filtered it out. Even if you have the type of spam blocker that asks the sender to reply you will not receive the newsletter as it is sent by software, not a person. Finally, very occasionally there are bounces that are just a mistake.

1.  Do you answer all the email you receive?

We receive too much email to acknowledge each one, although we do read it all and appreciate all your feedback. If you have a question or a problem, we will respond as quickly as possible.

2.  Do you have a printed catalog?

No, our catalog is the website. We are looking into producing a catalog that you can print yourself.

3.  Are you going to sell my information to spammers?

No! We never sell or reveal away anyone's name, email address, or any other information. Names mentioned in the newsletter and gallery are by permission only.

1.  What is SQ Stitch?

It is an "app" that basically lets you view your chart, mark stitches complete, and search for additional stitches of a given symbol.

2.  In what environments is it available?

It will work on almost any computer, tablet, or phone.

3.  I couldn't find it in the app store. How do I download it?

It is really a web page, not a native app, so it is not in app stores. You just start it by accessing its URL (SQStitch) in your browser.

4.  What does it cost?

It is free to use.

5.  Can I stitch my (brand X) pattern using it?

No, it only works with Scarlet Quince patterns. We do not have the necessary data and agreements with other designers to support their patterns.

6.  Is there more information?

Yes, there is a general introduction to SQ Stitch's features, and a detailed user manual. Please refer to them for more information.


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