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And 2007 IDOT10 Stitching Award goes to......

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Joined: 14 Nov 2007
Posts: 6
Location: Suburb of ATL,ga
And 2007 IDOT10 Stitching Award goes to......     Reply with quote  
7:34 pm Dec 02, 2007


After 3 weeks of working on page1(one) of "Luncheon of the Boating Party - Pierre Auguste Renoir", 15 stitches from being done, patting myself so hard on the back, I should need a sling. I looking at the piece, go get the measuring tape, (((NO WAIT FOR IT))),


So On monday I go back to Micheals, for an ERICA KANE- New Beginnings, New FAbric, ther first page copied and blown up. And Start again. Thank you thank I have so richly earned this award.

Joined: 16 Dec 2006
Posts: 30
Location: washington state
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10:23 pm Dec 02, 2007

Shocked Shocked Shocked That's terrible!! I feel for you, truly. I have never mismeasured yet but I've had an instance of causing a hole in my aida by ripping out a mistake right as I was finishing up a 5x7 mini Waterhouse. Also I have had an instance where my then 3 year old nephew got a hold of my scissors and cut a hole in my work in progress after I had finished a page and half.

I do have to say that your mode of description is humorous to say the least!
Joined: 27 Aug 2006
Posts: 633
Location: Brisbane, Australia
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4:37 am Dec 03, 2007

Oh my goodness, Joann! I can't believe it!! Shocked That's so awful, you must have been so angry at yourself! I just think it's so lucky though that were actually working down the page to the very bottom, imagine if you'd done the whole thing across the top and only discovered your mistake after a year or more of hard work!!

Well, it is through these awful mistakes that we learn- I'll bet you NEVER EVER make that mistake again!!

In the meantime, enjoy stitching it all over again- why don't you time yourself and see how much faster you can go on your second time around, it might give you some new motivation!

Joined: 26 Nov 2006
Posts: 98
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
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7:42 am Dec 03, 2007

Yikes! Surprised I admire you for starting over. I might have just thrown the thing far, far away and never looked at it again!

Stitching Nancy
Joined: 26 Oct 2006
Posts: 88
Location: St. Louis, MO
Re: And 2007 IDOT10 Stitching Award goes to......     Reply with quote  
10:16 am Dec 03, 2007

Don't feel alone....been there done that. Very infuriating! Evil or Very Mad I probably go the extreme now of double-double recounting at the beginning. And then I find myself recounting when I get close to corners. I guess some memories are longer to fade away than others. Wink Good luck!
Joined: 16 May 2005
Posts: 639
Location: North of Atlanta
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4:31 pm Dec 03, 2007

Jeez! Sorry to hear that, but admire your perseverance!!! Measure twice, stitch once - though the second time ought to be a lot quicker Smile
Julie T
Joined: 08 Jul 2007
Posts: 146
Location: Eugene, Oregon
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1:55 am Dec 04, 2007

I am SO sorry! I have done that! Twice! I have been known to throw the entire piece of fabric in the fire place! Eventually the sting will lessen, and it will be funny (could take years, but you do get over it).
Joined: 10 Oct 2007
Posts: 192
Location: Israel
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9:11 am Dec 04, 2007

Ouch, Embarassed a mistake like that really hurts. But I think it happened to all of us, and a mistake like this you're not likely to make twice. But starting immediatly again is great .Go go girl and happy Stitching
Site Admin
Joined: 23 Feb 2004
Posts: 128
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2:16 pm Dec 04, 2007

That's really sad. But I relate. My last piece came out seriously not centered on the fabric (fortunately I had a lot more fabric than I really needed) and I don't even know how that happens. You calculate and double-check and measure and measure and it does no good at all. Sad
Joined: 09 Nov 2005
Posts: 134
Location: Atlanta, GA
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10:39 pm Dec 08, 2007

my response can best be described entirely in emoticons:

Stitching ... Neutral , Shocked ... Mad ... Sad ... Sad ... Sad


Embarassed, Rolling Eyes


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