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A day short of one year!

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Julie T
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3:07 am Aug 20, 2008

Whew! Well thank you all, again. I promised Meredith that I would put away the cyanide. And the framer's have it, so it's, literally, out of my hands. Now, with all of your wonderful encouragement I can go on with The Great Wave, and not be too paranoid (although, it will remain in the back of my brain until this one is off the rack and I can examine it far too closely). I am enjoying the new work, although because I am such an antsy pants I didn't do any prep ahead of time, except make sure I had all the threads. So now, as a result of my own impatience, I am having to set up every blended needle as I come to it. Oh well, learning as we go is sometimes a very good lesson in itself. You guys are the best.
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