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Q-Snap frames

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Joined: 19 Apr 2004
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Q-Snap frames     Reply with quote  
2:29 pm Feb 22, 2005

Help! I put my fabric on a Q-Snap frame and can't reach the top of the frame to stitch. It's much easier in a hoop, but when a good portion of the picture is stitched, the hoop will trap the already stitched areas. Is that all right?
Joined: 16 Apr 2004
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Re: Q-Snap frames     Reply with quote  
3:07 pm Feb 22, 2005

While it isn't the recommended thing to do, you can put paper towelling over the stitched part before you put the top hoop on, and then use much less tension on the hoop to get it in place and then tighten bit by bit... don't over-tighten. And when you're finished, you will, of course have to clean and press it. Put the stitchery face down on a folded towel, and press from the backside (don't move the iron back and forth). A damp cloth on the backside helps, too, if you don't have a steam iron. I have done this, before I got my scroll frame, and it will work, but you do have to be careful. Good luck!
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