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Looking for model stitchers

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Looking for model stitchers     Reply with quote  
5:21 pm Feb 24, 2005

In our latest newsletter, we announced that we are looking for people who would be interested in doing some model stitching for us. A lot of people have emailed for more information. Here is the information we provided to all of them:

Thanks for your interest in model stitching for us! We have had a very large response to our request for model stitchers, so we are sending this general response. If this doesn't answer all your questions, please ask when you respond with additional information for us, assuming you are still interested.

More on our requirements/wishes: you MUST be a non-smoker and working in a non-smoking environment. We would prefer that you be in North America but that isn't necessarily a requirement. The more time you have available to stitch the better! Some of these patterns are very large and obviously we'd rather have the models sooner than later. And of course we are looking for people who stitch nicely.

We have a number of patterns we'd like to have stitched, and we may be able to give you some choice about what you stitch. We propose to supply you with fabric, floss, the pattern, and a pack of needles. The pattern, any extra floss, and the needles are yours to keep. We will also give you two more of our patterns, any two you choose. If you have different compensation in mind, let us know and we may be able to accomodate you. The finished model becomes our property.

Based on the amount of time you estimate you have, and the size/complexity of the pattern, we will estimate how much time it should take to stitch the model (and you can give us feedback on this too) and ask you to commit to an approximate completion date. This is just so we have the same expectations. Obviously things can come up so if necessary we can change the date - we just would ask you to keep us posted.

If you are still interested, please reply and tell us
1. Where you are located
2. How long you have been stitching, or if you have any special experience, such as prior model stitching experience
3. About how much stitching time you could COMMIT to per day or week, on average

(Some of you have already covered some of these points, in some cases at length - we apologize but please recap briefly or indicate that you've covered the info previously.)

We will ask you if we want to see a sample of your work. Please don't send anything until we ask. If we do, it can be very small, say a couple of inches on a side. Ideally it would use blended colors but it doesn't have to. All samples will be returned to you. If you have a digital camera or scanner, a digital image or two may be adequate, provided that they show individual stitches clearly.
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Model Stitching     Reply with quote  
8:02 pm Feb 24, 2005

Hi Meredith,

I'm still interested... although I was hoping for a bit of monetary gain Laughing
I live in Hamilton, Ontario, and definitely do not smoke (nor have I allowed anyone to smoke in any of my homes since the mid 70s). You've already seen some of my work on my website but I can send you something if needed. And I can spend at least a couple hours a day, every day, stitching.
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Joined: 23 Feb 2004
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Re: Model Stitching     Reply with quote  
2:21 pm Mar 04, 2005

Originally posted by BarBaraPrz

I'm still interested... although I was hoping for a bit of monetary gain Laughing

I know, a lot of people wish they could make some money from their stitching. Unfortunately we are not really in a position right now to pay very much if at all.
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