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Grant Wood, anyone?

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Grant Wood, anyone?     Reply with quote  
12:22 pm Dec 11, 2008

We've been looking into licensing some Grant Wood art BUT although I love Grant Wood's art, I realize that NO ONE has ever suggested any of it! Since the licensor wants a large up-front payment, I thought I would take a quick poll before going any farther. How do folks feel about Grant Wood and all that Depression-style art? I particularly like "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" (my grandparents had a framed print) and "Stone City, Iowa" but there are several we're talking about, including, of course, "American Gothic". Opinions, please!

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Re: Grant Wood, anyone?     Reply with quote  
8:08 pm Dec 11, 2008

Yes, love his stuff, a great artist. Reminds me of Cradling Wheat by Benton- didn't you have a pattern of that? I can't find it now... Rolling Eyes
Julie T
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3:31 am Dec 12, 2008

After googling around a bit, I feel informed enough to give an opinion (I am so clueless about art I had to go look). American Gothic is so iconic (even I knew that one), but some of his other work is just as outstanding. I would totally stitch some of these. The plowing ones (there are two?) are really amazing. And the other titles you mentioned are fab as well. I am now a Grant Wood fan. I vote yes, offer some of these if possible.
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10:49 am Mar 15, 2009

I had to Google him too... maybe it's just that I'm not into American Gothic style ... or maybe my Euro roots are too far removed from the subject matter, but while each to his own this one isn't for me, sorry.

excellent for those for whom these that do like them though .... Very Happy
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