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Picture by Enstrom called Grace

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Picture by Enstrom called Grace     Reply with quote  
11:26 am Apr 16, 2009

I have email but thought I would put it out here also. When I was growing up and we would go to my grandmothers house, I remember a picture on the wall of a man praying over some bread. I would love to do this picture in a cross stitch pattern for my children. They are grown now and oneday will be married with children of their own and I would love to see this picture on their wall. I just think that it has such a wonderful message. I did find it on a web site that shows the picture and it is if anyone would like to see it.
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Re: Picture by Enstrom called Grace     Reply with quote  
6:55 pm Apr 17, 2009

I agree that that is quite a powerful image, but I think you'll find it's still protected by copyright, and that can mean a lot of hassle to get the licensing rights. Sad
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